Remember, remember, the 5th of November. We all know the old nursery rhyme, to remind ourselves of when someone tried to blow up parliament. Charming kids stuff. But when’s the last time you had a fireworks night to remember?

This year, the celebrations will be back in full swing. So why not get you and your friends and/or family together and take a road trip to one of the top events taking place across the UK and Ireland? Here are the best firework displays taking place this fireworks night.

Lewis Bonfire Celebrations

One of the best atmospheres you’ll find at a fireworks night is in Lewes in Sussex. Famous for their satirical ‘guys’ that get burned on their massive bonfire, it’s a part atmosphere long before the sun sets, attracting thousands of spectators.

There’s also a historical theme to watch out for, with the stirring image of 17 burning crosses, lit aflame to commemorate the martyrs burned at the cross during one of the religious purges in 17th century England.

Skinningrove Bonfire

Taking place in North Yorkshire, this is another celebration that focuses on the inventive approach to deciding what to burn. At the Skinningrove Bonfire, impressive wooden structures are set ablaze, creating a spectacular burning effigy that warms the body and the soul.

Past subjects have included a fleet of traditional sailing ships and a huge Dracula-inspired gothic castle. The whole event takes place in a beautiful location, and is rounded off with a spectacular fireworks display.

Bonfire night at Chatsworth House

If you want to make a day trip out of your fireworks night, then the Bonfire night at Chatsworth House is the one to go for. Located in the middle of the stunning Peak District, the display has a range of live entertainment and street food stalls to feast upon.

If you visit in the daytime, you can see the House’s stunning art collection, or take a wander around the gardens. Then settle in for the two amazing firework displays they have lined up.

Bright Park

One of the most popular displays in the country takes place at Bright Park in Inverness. With more than 10,000 people regularly coming together on the banks of the River Ness in the Highlands, it’s a display to stir your soul.

Not only is it a stunning 20 minute firework display, you’ll also get some fantastic music to go with it – not just bagpipes either!

Fireworks at the fort

A trip to Newcastle and one of the historic forts located on the bank of the River Tyne leads to one of the best displays in northern England. Whether you want to take a walk around the fort and the museum to get some insight into the areas history, or just want to find a nice place on the banks to view the display, you’ll find something to suit you and your family’s needs.

South Queensferry display

Located next to the Hopetuon House in West Lothian, you’ll find one of the best displays in Scotland here. Each year they have a theme, with past ones including a The Greatest Showman display and singalong. Just be sure to wrap up warm as it can get especially chilly on these cold November nights.

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