Getting to and from work can be the best and worst part of the day. Having a chance to collect your thoughts and get in the right frame of mind can be vital to a productive day’s work. But if you are spending most of the day stuck in traffic or having to navigate long stretches of boring motorway, then it can be tedious as anything.

If the second part sounds more close to your experience than the first, have you considered that it might be the car that’s affecting your day more than the road itself? Having the right car for the commute can make or break your day. So we’ve had a look at the best used cars for commuting so you can find the right vehicle for you.

Audi A5 Sportback


It can seem a little obvious that cars built by the big German manufacturers are best for commuting. After all, they have the fabulous autobahns to test and perfect their cars on. The Audi A5 Sportback is our particular choice. It’s sleek look that rolls back from the famous front Audi front grille is one thing, the luxurious interior with great in-car technology and comfort features is another. If you have a bit more cash and can find the right one, there’s even a model with massaging seats, so you can really recover from long periods behind the wheel.

Hyundai i10


Hyundai have a reputation for city cars, but their smartly designed vehicles are also great for the commute. At the lower end of the budget scale, the Hyundai i10 is one of the best small hatchbacks. Despite its smaller size, the interior has been smartly designed to maximise space so you won’t feel cramped. The Connect option has a whole range of infotainment features, so you can switch between the sat-nav to avoid traffic, and a whole range of digital radio stations.

Toyota Corolla


A recent update to the old Toyota Auris, the new Corolla has everything you want from a commuter car. The hybrid engine in particular is great at keeping costs down, so you will save on fuel and tax. In a driver satisfaction survey conducted by AutoExpress, Corolla drivers ranked seventh, with most saying how much they loved their choice. It has a nice futuristic look too, that makes it stand out on the road amongst the more common choices.

Ford Focus Hatchback


Not to say that common isn’t always good. Ford have been building the best all-round cars for years, and the Ford Focus hatchback is no exception. It’s been designed to keep you safe, with plenty of design features available as standard that ensure you can be confident on the motorway. It will also keep you entertained, whether you want to connect your phone to the 8-inch screen or not. You can also splash out on a HUD (heads up display) that you can overlay the sat nav and directions onto the road ahead. It’s also ideal for the weekends too, whether you need to adapt it for your family or just your weekend hobbies.

Get your new commuting car

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