When it comes to monthly expenses, our cars can be one of the biggest money drains that we own. Whether its from paying for the fuel you need, paying for car insurance or breakdown cover, or meeting the monthly repayments on a finance package, it can all add up. So we’re all after ways of reducing the running costs of our motor vehicles. 

The good news is that, here at Creditplus, we’re always looking at ways to save you money. So we’ve come up with some things you can do to keep running costs down.

Plan your journeys

Petrol wastage is one of the biggest reasons behind high running costs that a car can have. Driving around aimlessly looking for somewhere to park, or simply not knowing the best route to get to your destination, can leave you burning more petrol than you need to.

Before any trip to somewhere new, check the route and make sure it’s the fastest one available. Watch out for accident black spots and known congestion zones that will leave you stuck in traffic. If you’re going somewhere you’ve been a few times, put the address in the sat nav. See if the route you’re taking is the best.

Another tip is to look for parking in advance too. That way you won’t waste petrol driving around hoping to find a suitable place to park your car.

Lose excess weight

The more weight your car carries, the more fuel it will burn. So if you can lighten the load, it’s a good idea to do so. Don’t carry around heavy hobby equipment like golf clubs in your car if you’re not intending to use them. If you have a bike or roof rack, take it off when you don’t need it. Not only will it reduce the weight, but it will improve the aerodynamics of your car too, increasing fuel efficiency further.

Calculate your annual mileage

When it comes to your insurance renewal, you’ll be asked how many miles a year you will drive. Do you know what your average is? Chances are you might be overstating just how many miles you need. To get a good idea of your annual mileage, check the MOT record for your car. The mileage will be recorded each year, so you can see how many miles you actually complete year on year.

Shop around for everything

Don’t just stick with the same insurance or breakdown provider. When the time comes to renew, shop around and see what’s on offer. It’s a good idea to use more than one price comparison website, as different companies have different deals with each provider. You can also use the quotes you get to try and get a better deal from your existing provider. If they can’t match the price, they might throw in extra protection to sweeten the deal.

Take a walk

When the weather is bad or it’s late at night, it’s easy to be tempted by a quick drive to the local shops, rather than walking. But a bit of exercise is good for you, and you won’t waste petrol doing something you can do on foot. A win for your car and a win for your body. Double win!

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