The car you drive says a lot about the person you are. So if you are a modern professional, be it a businessman who wants to make an impression on the road or someone who just wants a car that reflects their status and personality, then there’s one type that is coveted more than any others – the statement car. Also referred to as executive cars, the statement car emphasises driving performance and interior quality above all else. And, while they can make for good family cars too, they have been designed for the modern professional who is always on the go.

The best statement cars tend to come from Germany, and the top two could be argued to be the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. So how do these two cars compare? Which is right for you?

BMW 3 Series


One of the most popular cars we finance here at Creditplus, the BMW 3 Series is the epitome of the statement car. Let’s start with the drive. Possibly one of the most responsive and fun you’ll find, especially if you go for an engine spec with a bit more grunt. When you let loose on the motorway, you’ll have a fun drive.

Inside, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the infotainment system, but in a good way. There are so many options to choose between, from the smartphone connectivity to the built in GPS, you can control almost every aspect of your car interior.

The overall interior is of the highest standard, in terms of quality and design. Plus, the interior is very spacious.

Mercedes C-Class


The Mercedes C-Class makes being a high quality prestige car seem very easy. Where the Mercedes brand has always excelled is in the interior, where the famous badge is synonymous with luxury. That comfort translates to the interior technology,  which has been designed for simplicity of use. All the mod cons are here, especially in the most recent 2018 iteration, so you’ll have complete control of your environment.

The C-Class cruises rather than races, so you’ll feel maximum comfort on long motorway journeys. You won’t hear the engine racing as you go along, adding to a feeling of being transported rather than transporting. The automatic gearbox takes one more decision away from you, so you can focus on the road and travelling as if on a cloud.

So which is right for you?

It’s a question of performance versus comfort. While the BMW 3 Series isn’t a pain to drive, it doesn’t quite match the C-Class’s levels of cruising. Similarly, the C-Class can be quick, especially if you go for one of the meatier engines, but it won’t feel as agile and responsive as the more performance-focused 3 Series.

Both cars are excellent at what they do and, if you want to make an impression, are two of the best on the road. Whether you go for comfort or speed, you will not be missing out on quality. The BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class are two of the very best on the market.


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