Sustainability has never been cooler, with celebrity ambassadors such as Leonardo DiCaprio waving the flag to go green. And this has reflected in the popularity of electric cars on the road in the UK, with around 80, 000 being driven, up from 3,500 in 2013.

This is also largely due to the fact that there is more choice than ever when it comes to picking the perfect electric car for you. Electric cars have the potential to become the future of the automotive world. So, to clue you up and help you decide whether to hop on the electric band wagon, Creditplus have handpicked two worthy contenders; the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf.

BMW i3


What’s it all about?

BMW have clearly been busy at drawing board, haven’t they? The Bavarian boffins have been tirelessly brainstorming in order to create arguably one of the most impressive and dynamic electric cars yet. Why so innovative you ask? Well, for starters, passengers are seated in a carbon fibre ‘life cell’, draped in European premium brand allure, with all the electrical components placed a little bit lower. This i3’s sizeable boot and ample seating is encased into less than four metres in length, adding yet another revolutionary string to its bow.

Not only is this car electric, but it also carries the sophisticated standards that BMW so expertly set. How’s that for fancy?

What’s it like on the inside?

Let’s be honest: when you think of electric cars, luxury interior doesn’t exactly spring to mind. However, true to form, BMW haven’t disappointed in terms of the i3’s interior design. Spacious and futuristically modern, it’s equipped with a twin flat screen dash with stunning panoramic visibility. With a legitimate first-class feel, the i3 possesses the lavishness of a 3 Series. No really. BMW have also worked relentlessly to create a near silent motor, aiding the spell-bounding driving experience. Its futuristic nature actually leaves most of its petrol guzzling competitors trailing behind in terms of appearance. What’s more, this BMW is unexpectedly roomy on the inside considering its compact frame, allowing for a comfortable commute for everyone in it.

What’s it like to drive?

Admit it; you’re sceptical on how this car handles the roads aren’t you? It’s only an electric car, right? But wait, not only does the i3 look like a regular BMW, it also drives just like a BMW which is certainly a bonus. The i3’s rear-wheel drive handles beautifully, steering with ease to match its sporty and classy image. It’s been designed to glide through town centres as well as jostling on motorways, making it ideal for everyday life. The i3 is also considerably sturdy despite its height and reduced length. With a faster acceleration than other electric cars, it can clock 0-62mph in an impressive 7.2 seconds. This means that you’re not only sitting comfortably in a futuristic bubble, but you’ll also be exposed to a refined power, equating in a quality driving experience.

The Creditplus verdict?

Smart, sassy and stylish enough to make you feel good about driving it, with the added bonus of doing your bit for the globe.

Nissan Leaf


What’s it all about?

The Nissan Leaf is a first of its kind; a full-on electric car that’s not only perfect for transporting all the family, but also pretty solid too in terms of what it can deliver. This game-changing car is rare amongst its electrical peers due to its ground breaking design. The sleek looking Nissan Leaf was built to run on batteries from the start, setting it apart from other electric cars. This fact alone boosts the Nissan’s credibility and allows it to get on with its job with a healthy dose of superiority.

Another thing to add to the Leaf’s impressive credentials? It’s now being built right here, in good old Blighty, a wise move that has led to further improvements, such as the recent addition of a bigger 30kWh battery option to the range.

What’s it like on the inside?

You may not be expecting much from the interior of an electric car; after all they were created with sustainability in mind. But the Leaf’s interior may surprise you in as much as that it’s been sensibly designed to compete with its petrol swigging opponents. It’s practical, surprisingly spacious (there’s enough leg and headroom in the back to perfectly accommodate your vertically blessed passengers), and has clearly been thought about by the design boffins; it can easily stash away more than 300 litres of luggage too. Crikey.

Away from jam-packed road trips, the Leaf is also well suited to everyday driving. The well kitted out interior boasts many features such as its built-in touch screen sat nav, which adds a splash of sophistication and style in amongst its practical comforts. In short, it’s perfect for everyone.

What’s it like to drive?

This zippy, electric motor is capable of reaching 0-60mph in a swift 11.9 seconds, an impressive feat for this innovative Nissan. The Leaf is more than capable of tackling the UK’s bustling road network, allowing it to contend with the more familiar diesel hatch.

You’d think it would be happy to holler about its attributes, wouldn’t you? If only it could. The Leaf is one of the least gobby cars out there; it only generates a faint whirr whilst driving so its minimal engine noise allows for a more relaxed, peaceful commute. While it’s quietly getting you and yours from A-B, it also manages to absorb any rough road surfaces, as well as having expert body roll control. With its light steering, the Leaf is also perfect for weaving in and out of cities and towns, something which comes in particularly handy when you’re looking for a battery charging point.

The Creditplus verdict?

More impressive both inside and out than you’d give it initial credit for; a dark horse made for the advancing green charge.

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