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Bond without the budget | Bond cars that won’t break the bank


The new James Bond film “Spectre” is out at cinemas on Monday 26th October, and it’s clear to see that Bond fever is running high. As always, Bond will be behind the wheel of a stunning car, this time the Aston Martin DB10 – made especially for the film. Watching Bond films is a lot about fantasy – wanting to be the super suave spy with unbelievable gagdets, cars and women. We’ve put together a list of fantastic affordable cars that wouldn’t look out of place with Bond behind the wheel. So you can live the fantasy of being a real life James Bond.

What makes for a great Bond car?

Ever since Q first introduced Bond to the Aston Martin DB5 back in “Goldfinger”, the car that James drives has been eagerly discussed and anticipated before every film. Bond has driven cars from a number of manufacturers across the years: Lotus, Jaguar, BMW and, most famously, Aston Martin. Each and every “Bond” car shares a set of vital ingredients that have to be included in order for it to be worthy of 007 status.

  • Class: There’s a reason why there was discontent amongst Bond fans when he was seen driving a Ford Mondeo in “Casino Royale”. When you think of Bond, you don’t think of a car that you see a few dozen of each and every day. A Bond car has to be something a bit rarer, a bit more special.
  • Style: Bond isn’t going to be spotted driving a five door family MPV. No matter the situation, Bond is going to be behind the wheel of a sleek saloon or coupé. Whether it’s driving on the streets of Rome or powersliding across frozen lakes in Iceland, Bond puts style before practicality.
  • Luxury: A stylish car needs a suitable interior. Chasing villains across the globe must be tiring, so you need a car that will be a pleasure to drive at all times. Leather seats are a must. If you can also have a in-car fridge to keep the martini chilled, then that’s perfect.
  • Gadgets: Of course Bond needs his gadgets. A quick trip to Q branch is a must to have all the essential modifications and gizmos fitted. It wouldn’t be Bond without flamethrowers, bulletproof glass and stinger missiles.

Luckily, you don’t need a huge budget to find a car that fits all these criteria (except for the military-grade weaponry). Here is our list of the cars you can buy to make you feel like the super secret agent himself.

Alternative Bond Cars

We’ve chosen five of the best cars that can give you the James Bond feeling without the driving licence to kill needed for a real Bond car, nor the big budget that the British Secret Service has to purchase the top of the range cars that Bond drives.



The BMW Z4 comes with some Bond heritage included. It’s predecessor, the BMW Z3 was a Bond car, briefly seen in “Goldeneye” as James travels to South America to track down the satellite base. Another of the Z4’s cousins, the BMW Z8, was used by Bond to battle chainsaw wielding helicopters in “The World Is Not Enough”. The pedigree is clearly apparent in the Z4, with its sleek styling and fearsome face giving the car a hint of that James Bond aggression. Two seats is all that’s needed for you and a Bond girl, and 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds is not slow by any measure. You could do a lot worse than the BMW Z4 when it comes to finding your own Bond car.
Price: Available from £6,995.


Mercedes SLK


It seems from this list that Bond would like a German car. His short lived stint with BMW as his official car supplier (three Bond films) is a prime example. Everything that Bond looks for in a car is clearly apparent in the German cars on this list. The Mercedes SLK is no exception, and would make for the ideal car when Bond has a bit of down time. Luxury leather seats and a huge range of accessories available, the SLK would be perfect for when Bond needs a bit of R and R and decides to take his latest beau out for a spin.
Price: Available from £8,950.

Bentley Continental GT


British cars that fit Bonds standards are hard to come by outside of Aston Martin and Jaguar, so it’s good to see another British company that has a car fit for the spy. The Bentley Continental just oozes the style that Bond cars need, whilst having a robust, almost cuboid shape, that suggests the car is ready for when things get rough. For the ideal model, choose the 2 door 6.0 litre GT edition. 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds gives the car enough oomph to outrun any pursuers.
Price: Available from £32,995.

Jaguar XJ


Bond has always looked his best behind the wheel of a British car, but with Aston Martin’s being on the pricier end of the scale, we thought we’d choose something a bit more attainable – the Jaguar XJ. It has the looks you need from a Bond car, and just oozes style and class. The distinctive Jaguar logo on the front grille has the air of a Bond film, although perhaps more suitable for a villain than our hero. If you go for the supercharged V8 model, you can do 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds. Not bad for a four door saloon. A huge range of built in gadgets and accessories to choose from round off this ideal Bond replacement.
Price: Available from £7,990.

Porsche Cayman


An ideal pursuit vehicle, the Porsche Cayman seems to be designed for car chases across Europe. You can just imagine it speeding rapidly around winding roads in Switzerland as Bond pursues his latest target. Excellent handling and a top speed of 175mph just beg for you to open up and put your foot down. Okay, you won’t be able to do this on the M3, but a car like this would be ideal for a track day. Style wise, the car looks beautiful, retaining the traditional Porsche curved aerodynamic design with the distinctive front headlights. Just an overall fantastic car that wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond film.
Price: Available from £14,999.

What do you think of our choices?

Owning a car like Bond drives without breaking the bank can seem like a Mission Impossible (wrong franchise), but these five alternatives are sure to give you that Bond feel without his budget. But have we got it right? What car would make you feel like a secret agent? Let us know on facebook, twitter, or Google+.

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