Welcome to the Car Finance Facts post for September 2016. Here we provide an insight into the latest happenings in the car buying industry, both across the UK and here at Creditplus.

New ’66 registration plates drive new car purchases

With September a ‘settling’ month (schools open and back in full swing and most breaks in the sun accounted for until next year), there is also the new registration plate to look forward to.
This September saw more than 2.1 million new cars registered under the ’66 plate; a 2.6% increase from September 2015’s new plate. The rise in new car sales in this period is a positive sign within the UK car market, despite the concerns of what the Brexit result could still mean for industries up and down the country. These statistics though are perhaps a sign that the ‘Leave’ result has had no clear detrimental effect on consumer’s desire to own a new car.

Although new ’66 plate cars have a bigger draw this month, the used car market has some of the most attractive rates to offer. A number of high end manufacturers have great prices on many of their models, so it’s an ideal time to look for a newer car at a reduced rate.


Data sourced from SMMT September 2016 market report.

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