It’s that time of the month again when we present you with the latest information on the finance industry and give you detailed insights to how the month of September has shaped up for us.

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra knocks the Ford Fiesta off the podium securing first place for the number one top sold car for the month of September.

425,861  * The SMMT has announced that 425,861 new cars were registered in September, making it the biggest in a decade!

We financed 171 manual cars in September. This is an 610.71% increase on the amount of automatic cars that we financed.


The average loan amount for the month of September was £11,626.17.

59mpg * The average new car registered in September achieves 59mpg (combined cycle), and co2 emissions of 122.3g/km.
 Black  Once again black was by far the most popular choice of colour.

Was the average deposit put down by our customers for the month of September, a decrease of 9.31% on last month.

 4.7%  * Global new car market up 4.7% for September 2014.

The average loan term was 52 months, one month higher than August.

*Source: SMMT (Society of motor manufacturers and traders) That’s it for this month. Check out the best car finance deal of the month – the Range Rover Sport. Interested to know how the trends for buying and financing cars have changed across the year? Take a look at the previous months info below. Car Finance Facts August Car Finance Facts July Car Finance Facts June Car Finance Facts May

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