Coming up with ideas to keep your family entertained can be difficult. No matter how big your family is, or what the age differences might be, there’s very little chance that they all have the exact same tastes and hobbies. How do you get the balance right?

It can be even more difficult if you want to do something related to your interests. As a parent, you often have to sacrifice your own enjoyment for that of your kids. But, if you are a petrolhead, that need not be the case. We have a selection of motoring ideas that will leave everyone happy. Here are some car themed days out for the whole family.

British Motor Museum


The best place to start is the British Motor Museum, located in Warwickshire. For the history buffs, there’s an exhibition detailing the history of British motoring, from 1896 to the present day. Then there’s the sports cars exhibit, where you can get close to fantastic models from Triumph, Lotus, McLaren and Aston Martin. The perfect background for some Instagram selfies! With lots of events aimed at getting children interested in science, engineering and motoring, there’s sure to be something to keep your family entertained all day.

Beaulieu Motor Museum


Located in the New Forest in Hampshire, Beaulieu has a combination of different things to delight every family member. First there’s the Palace House, a stately home that will take you back to Victorian times. Moving on, the National Motor Museum is located in the grounds, where you can see everything from movie cars, F1 cars, to land speed record breakers and unique models. The Top Gear experience takes you behind the scenes of the iconic TV show, and you can even feel like what it was to be in the audience with their recreation of the show’s famous studio.



Sometimes bigger is better. Truckfest is an annual event that shows off the biggest vehicles in the business. From juggernauts to US style trucker rigs, you can’t really get an impression of how big these vehicles are until you’re standing right next to one. Highlight of the event is the monster truck display, where big-wheeled beasts do stunts and tricks and crush cars for your pleasure.



Available at locations across the UK, Go-karting is an excellent way to get your family’s competitive spirit firing. With cars and circuits suited to drivers of all ages, it can be a fantastic way to spark a love of driving in your kids. Just be prepared to be scared. You may have a budding Lewis Hamilton in your family who has no fear racing through the corners at full throttle!


Banger Racing


Sometimes a trip to a race track can be too expensive, especially for the big F1 or MotoGP events. But that doesn’t mean you can miss out on competitive motor sport. Banger racing is immensely popular across the UK, with courses dotted all around the country. Often shorter and a lot more competitive than F1, you will see some crunching action as people push their makeshift motors to the limits to try and claim victory.

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