Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and very occasionally the same can be said for cars.

Have you ever thought a Smart could beat a Shelby Mustang in any kind of race? Me neither, but apparently it happened! In our video of the month, the setting is a drag-racing track. Contender One is a Shelby Mustang – a fine piece of American muscle, but very very heavy. Contender Two is a Smart car, but not just any Smart. This one has a blown 1.5-litre Toyota engine in it, and it goes like a rocket (it looks like it could take off when the gun goes off)!

Watch the video below, and let us know if you’d buy a Smart if it goes like this one? Or if you’d rather opt for the Mustang…

This car video of the month is dedicated to our good friend Sam Chilcott, fantastic writer, lover *ahem* of Smart cars and owner of an MG, who went and got herself a new job this month! Good luck, Sam!

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