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“What would your superhero power be?” is a question most of us have pondered more than once here at Creditplus. But with so much choice, it’s never been definitively answered; it’s a tough one for sure.

So, with that in mind – and with the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War this week – we thought of something slightly easier to answer that involves a subject we know a lot more about: what cars would the Avengers choose from our vast database of used and nearly-new cars?

We’ve profiled the film’s top six characters and what we think their car choices would be – whose side are you on?

Representing #TEAMCAP:

Captain America / Steve Rogers

Car choice: Dodge Journey

Why? The all-American soldier would need something as strong and reliable as he is, and what could be more all-out USA than a Dodge? Like the Captain himself, the Dodge is an all-round good guy: it has no hidden agenda, is confident in its abilities and is a safe pair of hands wherever you want to take it.

Hawkeye / Clint Barton

Car choice: Volkswagen Scirocco

Why? Someone as accurate with a bow and arrow needs a car as faultless as they are, so the precision engineered Volkswagen Scirocco is Hawkeye’s perfect match. Its reliability and skilled performance are just some of the Scirocco’s quiver-full of attributes. And don’t forget the focused good-looks are also on-point (the Scirocco we mean; not Hawkeye).

Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff

Car choice: Range Rover Evoque

Why? Don’t be fooled by the compactness of both Scarlet Witch and the Range Rover Evoque – they’re equally matched in the power and control stakes and can easily take on the big boys. Excellent handling means it’s at home storming into battle on rougher terrains as much as it is gracefully gliding from one location to another. Beautiful styling, subtlety and solid capabilities put Scarlet Witch and her chosen car together perfectly.

Representing #TEAMIRONMAN:

Iron Man / Tony Stark

Car choice: Ferrari California

Why? As the resident genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, is there anything more ideally matched than Tony and his Ferrari California? It’s refined and perfectly styled exterior gives a hint at the prancing horse’s intelligence and power under the hood, all while making huge signals about it’s outgoing and fun nature. You know you would be in for a thrilling ride with this one…

Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff

Car choice: Audi S5

Why? Quietly unassuming, but with fearless stoicism wholly brings Black Widow and the Audi S5 together. With no need to shout about its abilities, it’s smarter than the average grand tourer, offering high-performance, reliability and classic good looks as standard. This is the car you want in your corner for the final face off.

War Machine / James Rhodes

Car choice: Toyota Prius

Why? There’s nothing more conscious-driven than a Toyota Prius and as the thoughtful voice of reason, there wasn’t anything else we thought War Machine would choose. Its gentle abilities are apparent, as well as its refined drive and strong reliability. As a world-leading hybrid, the Prius is one of the most likeable in its class and a true environmental warrior.

Is there a car you’re Marvelling at?

Whether you’re looking for an all-American heavyweight or a sleek and sporty Italian, our vast database of used and nearly-new cars contains something to suit all budget ranges. Search now, find your perfect match and apply today!

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