With today’s cars being so technologically advanced you might think that car crime would be a thing of the past. But as technology improves, so do the techniques and tricks that criminals use to exploit any holes in your car’s anti-theft defences. Even the most advanced and expensive vehicles are not immune. After all, the pricier the car, the bigger the prize for a potential thief.

Whether it’s chopped into parts, sold on the black market, or even exported abroad for sale, car crime is still an issue. Statistics show that a car is stolen in the UK every 11 minutes! So which cars are most at risk of being stolen? We took a look at a recent report to give you the answers.

Ford Fiesta

The most stolen car on the road is the Ford Fiesta. This is purely down to the sheer volume of Fiestas there are on the road. There are literally millions of this car on the road, so the chances of one being pinched are higher than any other vehicle.

Range Rover

At the other end of the price scale, the Range Rover is the second most stolen car in the UK. These vehicles make for big prizes for car thieves, so you should be extra careful if you own one. Thieves steal these cars and then ship them overseas, where they can be sold to unsuspecting foreign buyers for a good amount of money.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf combines two things – appeal and volume. There are a huge number of Volkswagen Golfs on the road, meaning they are more likely to be stolen than other cars. But they are also extremely desirable, even more so than the Fiesta. That little bit of appeal they have means criminals will go for them if they can.


Mercedes C-Class

While not as big or expensive as the Range Rover, the Mercedes C-Class has all the style and prestige that makes them attractive to wealthy drivers – and cunning car thieves. Even the basic models can go for big money on the black market, so if you take into account all the mods and cons available, then it’s a perfect target for thieves.

BMW 3 Series

Like the C-Class, the BMW 3 Series is another car prized for its prestige and image. It’s beloved by the modern professional in the UK, so it’s little wonder that less scrupulous or aware car buyers across the world would be tempted by a cheap import of a car stolen from the UK.


What can you do to stop it?

Don’t buy a car on this list. No, we’re kidding! There are lots of security measures you can take to help prevent your car from being stolen. The best way is to park your car off the street, either inside a garage or on your driveway.

If you suspect your car might be at risk of relay theft – where a criminal uses an exploit to access keyless entry cars – you can get shielded key holders to stop them accessing your key remotely. You can also install trackers to your car which will give the police a GPS location of your vehicle at the touch of a button. Or you can go old fashioned and get a steering lock. It might look a bit ugly, but it definitely does the job!

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