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The Apprentice Diaries, Month 2

Dear Diary, Month two has been a special month, let’s say. Many, many things have gone on. Firstly, let’s just address what everyone’s thinking about…... Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips Your Car Will Thank You For

Last week everyone in the UK was standing at their windows every night looking glum, wondering when spring would arrive. Our seasonal emotions are all... Read More

Top 10 Motors for Cool Mums

To all the mums out there, we salute you! It’s time to treat yourself. No, we don't mean an extra glass of wine on a Friday night, although we wouldn'... Read More

The Apprentice Diaries, Month 1

Dear Diary, My first month at Creditplus as a Marketing Apprentice has been one to remember. I feel like I’ve finally drawn the long straw. I work wit... Read More

Find The One this Valentine's Day!

Finding the right car can be a bit like finding your perfect partner. Or at least, a lot of the steps are very similar!You know how it goes. You scrol... Read More

RNLI Fundraiser: Our Pancake Day Feast

The day of the pancakes is upon us. I have always wondered why we have a day dedicated to pancakes, and not any other food. Like, why not sushi? So, i... Read More

My First Car: Andy, The Ford Focus

My first car was a 1.8L 1998 Ford Focus. I shared it with my dad, as I did not do much driving in my first year, as I was still at college. Those of y... Read More

Some of the funniest tweets about the SpaceX rocket launch

A cherry-red Tesla Roadster is currently on the world's most epic road trip - to Mars! Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the company behind the miss... Read More

RNLI Fundraiser: Our Retox Coffee Morning

In our “Announcing the Creditplus Charity of the Year 2018” blog, we announced that we will be supporting the RNLI this year. This charity is devoted ... Read More

Meet Molly, our Digital Marketing Apprentice

You may remember, not that long ago, we announced that we will be working with apprentices from Bournemouth and Poole College.  Well, we're delighted ... Read More