Most of us will have fond memories of our first cars – passing your driving test and taking it out for the first time, taking it to a drive-thru just because you can, an innate sense of pride despite the fact that it was little better than a sheet of rust. Whether you were one of the lucky ones who got a reliable, safe ,new(ish) car or whether you had to settle for a rust bucket with 100,000 miles on the clock, every driver feels a sense of attachment to their first ever car.

You may have moved on from your new car many moons ago, and, if you’re lucky, you could be driving the car of your dreams. Celebrities and footballers are some of the lucky few that are able fulfil their ultimate car fantasies – but we’re not interested in that! We wanted to know how they started- after all, we all had to start somewhere – were their beginnings as humble as ours?

Victoria Beckham – Fiat Uno


There’s no doubt that Posh Spice has done well for herself. She’s one half of an incredibly influential power couple, has her own fashion label and you can even buy a special edition Range Rover Evoque with her name on it. To meet her now, nobody would suspect that she was once getting from A to B in a modest Fiat Uno, before the Spice Girls ever existed.

Danny Dyer – Ford Fiesta


Notorious ‘bad-man’ and now a star in Eastenders, when you picture Danny Dyer in a car, it’s probably not a Ford Fiesta. Once upon a time though, that was the reality for this TV personality, who only actually passed his test recently (tut tut) and now has a flashy Porsche Cayenne to get him around.

Johnny Depp – Chevy Nova


These days Johnny Depp captures the hearts of women everywhere, and his eccentric acting style is basically a brand. Once upon a time though, Depp struggled to break into Hollywood, and his Chevy Nova became more then just a car, but was also a home for nights when he had nowhere else to crash. These days Depp has a garge full of cars, including a Porsche, a black Jeep and an old blue Chevrolet pick-up, amongst others.

Eric Bana – 1974 Ford XB Falcon


Eric Bana is the star of many a great movie, featuring in The Hulk, Black Hawk Down, Troy and Star Trek. He is also the star of documentary Love the Beast which documents the 25-year journey of Bana’s first ever car, a 1974 Ford XB Falcon. In the documentary, Bana takes a look at the way the car shaped the lives of himself and his friends, and features guest appearances from car collector and talk show host Jay Leno and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Cameron Diaz – VW Campervan


This actress started out with an iconic campervan – perfectly in keeping with her surf chick style. Since the campervan, Diaz has had a Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S, and Maserati Quattroporte – quite a range!

There you have it – it would seem that despite reaching the lofty heights of fame, some celebrities still started from the bottom, with cars just as humble as our own. This doesn’t ring true for some celebrities though, such as John Lennon, who only learnt to drive after hitting the big time with The Beatles, and had supercar manufacturers begging him to drive their cars (incidentally, he went with a Ferrari 330 GT, which recently sold at auction for over £2 million.)

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