Cutting down on costs is something we all want to do. But, if you save money on a new car, are you losing out elsewhere? Are the savings you’re making at the expense of safety, comfort or quality?

We’ve taken a look at five of the cheapest models on the road across a number of different categories, so if you know what type of car you are searching for, we’ve found the cheapest option available on the road.

Small hatchback: Kia Picanto

If you want a great little city car at a good price, you’ll likely end up with a car from the far east. The Kia Picanto is the cheapest on the road. However, every pound that you spend will be used wisely. The good news is that it’s fun to drive. So you won’t be falling asleep as you nip around city streets. Inside, there’s more space than you might believe, with the design maximising leg room with the size available. While it’s not the quickest, it will keep you nice and nimble on the road.

Alternative hatchback: Renault Clio


Even if you’re not old enough to remember the iconic TV adverts from the 90s, the Renault Clio is a car you’ve probably heard of. If you want something spacious that’s fun to drive, it’s also a car you should be considering.

The interior feels plush for the price you pay, so you won’t be regretting saving on your budget with this option. It comes with lots of great equipment as standard, with a touchscreen display that’s been perfectly positioned.

Cheapest SUV: Dacia Duster


If you need something bigger but at a small price, then the Dacia Duster is the go to choice. You can get them new at a great price, so they are even better on the used market. But how does it drive? Well it’s a 4x4 that’s good at the bumpier roads, but it’s size doesn’t make it too cumbersome in urban areas either.

DAB and air conditioning comes as standard too, so you’ll have comfort and entertainment. You can use some of the money you’ll save in the budget on the optional extras too, such as infotainment or parking assist tech.

Alternative SUV: MG ZS SUV

Despite it being the company’s first foray into the crossover SUV market, the MG ZS is not something to be ignored. It’s one of the best looking SUVs you can buy, even if it’s cheaper than most competitors.

The value you get from this model is impressive, including LED lights, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. It’s a smooth ride too, so if you have a family of restless kids, at least the car won’t be causing you extra headaches.

Electric car: Smart EQ Fortwo


If you want a cheap electric vehicle, then there are more options available than you might think. But the most affordable green car you can get at the moment is the Smart EQ Fortwo. While it’s not going to be the coolest car to drive, it’s a great start on the electric revolution ladder.

A range of just over 80 miles is not the biggest, but enough to keep you going if you work, rest and play not too far from home base. While 2 seats might be a bit restrictive to start, there’s a 4-seater version also available at just a modest extra cost.

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