Are you struggling to think of a gift for the car lover in your life this Christmas? At Creditplus, we understand it’s not always easy choosing Christmas presents for your loved ones (especially for those who can be more difficult to please!). That’s why we’ve put together a selection of auto-themed gifts that the car lover in your life is guaranteed to love, taking the stress out of the shopping, so all you have left to worry about are the surprises your friends and family have got for you!

1. Personalised Key Ring


A personalised gift is always worth the effort, as it shows you’ve taken the time to think about the person receiving the gift (and you’re not just passing on the raffle prize you won at the pub quiz the week before!). We recommend these handmade, engraved leather key rings from Etsy as not only do they look stylish, they also provide added sentimental value.

2. Wheel Cover


Wheel covers are a great car accessory for car lovers, not only for the sporty touch they add to the interior, but also for the comfort and grip they provide for the driver. Halfords provide a great range of styles and colours to suit all tastes!

3. Detailing Kit


When it comes to taking care of your car, we all know someone that fusses a little too obsessively and takes more pride in the condition of their car above all else. So, what better present for them than this ultimate washing and detailing kit from The Winning Touch. The kit includes all the essential items needed to make their car gleam from bumper to bumper! And if you’re looking to spend slightly less, you can also purchase these fantastic items individually.

4. Car Chase Heroes


Do you know an adrenaline junky with a need for speed? If so, why not treat them to a track day experience that gives your loved one the chance to get behind the wheel of an iconic car from a famous movie. At Car Chase Heroes, they have track locations up and down the country and offer a fleet of well recognised cars to choose from, making this a guaranteed winner for a thrill-seeking car enthusiast.

5. 1001 Drives You Must Experience Before You Die


For car lovers with a passion for travel and adventure, this book is the perfect answer. It contains mapped details of 1001 of the world’s greatest drives, including awe inspiring images which leave you desperate to hit the road. And if you’re up for an adventure yourself and you give this to the right person, they may end up asking you to accompany them on one of their epic trips!

6. Personalised Number Plate


As we mentioned at the start of our list, personalised gifts are the best kind. So why not treat your loved one to a unique personalised number plate. Have they got any funny nicknames that you can use? These are a great gift as they can be used for years and years, and they will see it every time they get in their car and think of you! You can purchase a personalised number plate from the DVLA or from a private dealer.

7. The Ultimate Gift


While all these suggestions make fantastic gifts for the car fanatic in your life, there is, of course, one item that tops the list entirely. If you’re truly looking to spoil your loved one this Christmas, then why not go all out and splash the cash on a new set of wheels? Presenting their favourite car to your special someone will place you in their good books for eternity, making up for all the past presents which perhaps weren’t so up to scratch!

And if you’re not feeling generous enough to give someone else the joy of a new car, why not treat yourself instead? We know Christmas is supposed to be the time for giving, however we believe everyone deserves to treat themselves at Christmas too. And while the Christmas period is an expensive time of year, our extensive range of finance options means we can help you finance your dream car with affordable monthly payments. Apply today to speak to one of our Customer Advisors today and get one step closer to driving away with your Christmas present.

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