We regularly profile a car community on our blog, the previous two blogs saw us review the social network for automotive professionals, Motor Trade Book and the social community for consumers and professionals Motorhappy. Now for something a little edgier.

This month we are profiling Car Throttle, ‘The internets car community’. This fast growing online community have over 271, 000 likes on Facebook, over 7, 400 followers on Twitter and some of their YouTube videos have reached nearly 800, 000 views. Pretty impressive!

Their website gives you access to top motoring new stories, blogs, videos and an extensive discussion forums where petrol heads flock to share their views on stories on anything from incidences of exploding wheels to the 8 most memorable moments from the Monaco grand Prix

They have an impressive 24 topics to explore, including ‘Funny’ ‘GIFs’ and ‘Fails’, reminding of the notably successful Buzzfeed, but for the automotive industry. Car throttle have hit the nail on the head with its very a la mode approach to shareable content. It’s perfectly aimed at the 18-35 age group  and it’s humble take on the car forum website puts it miles ahead of many other automotive websites. It’s ‘Shows’ page gives you access to 4 different shows available on their Youtube channel, such as ‘2 guys 1 car’ which takes you on the adventures of two twenty something lads and their motor related mishaps.  On top of that, there are countless reviews and the frankly heart-warming ‘Reader’s Rides’ Videos. These visually pleasing clips simply document the love affairs between people and their cars and demonstrates how much our cars can mean to us,  pulling a heart string of my own and reminding me of my adoration for my VW Polo

Other features of their website include a shop that sells all sorts of tongue in cheek bumper stickers, and their ‘garage’ of images, with the option to vote as to whether the car is ‘hot’ or ‘not’. Car Throttles ‘memes’ page had to be the winning page for me- countless images littered with jokes and sarcasm about anything and everything car related.

Car Throttle is a great resource for us at Creditplus, keeps us up to date and entertained with regular fresh content. It’s one of those sites that’s really very difficult to tear yourself away from, and once you’ve had a taste, I’m sure that like me, it’ll take a permanent place on a tab on your browser. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to “get back to work”.