Social networking has well and truly changed the way that we communicate, market and use the internet. With over 1.19 billion active users, Facebook dominates the social networking world – but there are plenty of alternatives that people are using, notably, Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn and Pinterest. What is becoming evident is that in order to compete as a social network, it is imperative to find a niche and offer something different.

This is where industry specific social networks such as Motor TradeBook come into play. Though it is still small in terms of a social network, with the vast amount of automotive professionals it targets, it is showing steady growth, making it a viable alternative to LinkedIn.


In order to join Motor TradeBook, you must be working within the automotive industry in some capacity – whether as a technician, salesperson, marketer or any other position.

Full membership is completely free, with members being asked to fill out a personal profile including a picture, name, employment details, social media accounts, education, interests and more. Whilst the member is not obliged to fill out the information, it should be noted that the more information provided, the more authentic the profile.

After creating a profile, the next logical step is to locate contacts on the social network – either by inviting your current connections, or by browsing current members. Like many popular social networks, Motor TradeBook also supply recommendations of ‘People you may know’ which not only helps locate industry contacts, but identify new networking opportunities.


An example profile on Motor TradeBook

How To Use Motor TradeBook

Once you have created a profile and invited some contacts, you will be able to post updates and media (such as images, video and links) to the social network, which is displayed in a public feed – meaning your post has the potential to reach every member of the website. This is great news if you are looking to publicise content to a specifically motoring community, thus increasing awareness of your brand.

In addition to this, Motor TradeBook has a number of other features that are of use to automotive professionals. These include a marketplace function, advertisement section and job search function.


The Motor TradeBook newsfeed, where information posted is viewable by the entire community.

Combined, all of these features make Motor TradeBook a fairly valuable resource. Within days of signing up to the social network, I had requests to connect from a number of individuals and companies, some of which led on to become connections on LinkedIn. As a result, I have gained potentially valuable contacts in the industry, well worth the time spent on setting up a profile on the network.

If you’re a professional in the automotive industry this is definitely one to get involved in – the power of new business contacts, and the potential to address a large number of motoring professionals directly cannot be underestimated.

To connect with us here at Creditplus on Motor TradeBook, just click the following link to take you the Creditplus profile on Motor TradeBook.

To connect with me on Motor TradeBook, visit my profile at

We will continue to profile motoring communities in the coming months – to find out how your communites could get involved, please get in touch in the comments below!