Each month we profile a motoring community on our blog. Last month we talked about our admiration of Piston Heads, a motoring website and online community for serious motoring fans.

This month we have decided to profile Petrolicious and their truly stunning vintage car videos and blogs.

Petrolicious is home to some of the most magnificent car videos on the internet and everyone knows it! The site has come such a long way in such a short amount of time. When Petrolicious first started out they produced a nice variety of videos based on beautiful – yet still obtainable-cars. In just over a year they have been able to prove themselves and are now trusted filming some of the most prestigious and valuable cars in today’s world.

Below is a video of a Ferrari 250 GTO which received a huge amount of attention.

Dedicated to Petrolicious ‘Drive Tastefully’ philosophy, Petrolicious primary goal was to enrich the market with engaging narratives and to deliver them with a deep appreciation and deference for design and aesthetics. Fans could then browse through profiles on rare classics and charismatic personalities, dive into inspirational histories, or learn about buying their first vintage car. Before Petrolicious came and put us all out of our misery, the internet lacked high quality content, and videos on vintage cars. Their continued focus to producing only the highest quality blogs and only filming the most beautiful classic cars has made them the most respected classic car community profile out there. With Petrolicious generating interest from all over the world, connecting people that share their passion for classic beautiful cars this car community is showing no signs of slowing down! The team behind Petrolicious are all Fanatics – collectors and racers constantly looking for new, exciting and engaging videos for their readers. To keep up to date with their news and make sure you don’t miss out on their epic videos, why not follow them on Twitter? @PetroliciousCo Why not view the other communities that we have profiled in previous months and feel free to give us your recommendations on a car community we should profile for August? Community Profile – PistonHeads Community Profile – CarThrottle Community Profile – Motortrade Book Community Profile – Motorhappy

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