Welcome to day eleven of the Creditplus Christmas Advent Calendar. 24 days of amazing prizes we are giving away to celebrate the holiday season. All you need to do to enter is visit the advent calendar and fill in your details – it’s that simple! Winners for each daily prize will be announced 48 hours after each competition opens, and everyone who enters will be put in the draw for the big Christmas Eve prize bundle, including the main prize – a supercar experience day courtesy of wish.co.uk.

Today’s prize is an art print from PopBangColour.

Click here to visit the advent calendar.

Prize description: We have partnered with PopBangColour today to give away one 280mm x 227mm print from his online store.


Prize kindly donated by Popbangcolour: Regularly jetting off to motoring events around the world, PopBangColour creates beautiful, colourful pieces based on his passion for legendary cars. What’s more, he doesn’t need any paintbrushes as he creates all of his artwork with a set of paint-covered toy cars!

“Ian Cook is a contemporary British artist internationally known for his unique form of painting. Ian creates his art solely using the method of radio-controlled cars, car tyres and toy car wheels as his paintbrushes.

With a first degree in Fine Art Painting from Winchester School of Art, Ian has a quirky edge and describes his work as a ‘friendly explosion of colour’ which captures attention through his unusual method of working and the premise of live performance art at automotive events.

Essentially – the idea for the process started for a number of reasons, Ian is an avid car enthusiast, a trained artist, and thirdly he was bought a radio controlled car for a Christmas present and was told “not to take it down the studio, and not to get paint on it”…(lightbulb moment) … so like any bloke would – he listened to a bit of that conversation.

Many years later, having combined his passion of cars, toys and art, Ian has created complex and dynamic artworks including one the size of a three storey building, painted with real cars, featured on TV and travelled to different parts of the globe with a suitcase full of paint covered cars.”

Tom Wood (@TCJW_Designs), our resident art-lover and in-house graphic designer has this to say about Ian’s work:

“PopBangColour’s playful and colourful work clearly shows his excitement and passion for cars and motorsport. The motion of the subjects in each piece positively leaks out of every stroke – a feeling exemplified by knowing the art was itself made with toy cars and tyres in motion.

A great prize for any lover of great art and great motors!”


How to enter:

To enter, click the link below to visit our advent calendar. From there, open the calendar door and you will just need to fill in your details and cross your fingers. Simple as that. Today’s prize draw closes 48 hours after the competition opens. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another fantastic prize. And remember, for each prize you enter, that’s one more chance of winning the grand prize – the supercar experience day courtesy of wish.co.uk

Click here to visit the advent calendar and enter today’s prize draw.


For full terms and conditions of the advent calendar, click here.

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