The BMW X5 is a five door Sports Utility vehicle (SUV) now in its third generation. Ideal for the busy executive on the move, the X5 has the comfort of a saloon with the rugged size of a 4×4. It is designed for a busy lifestyle, long commutes to work combined with taking the dogs for a walk at the weekend. With lots of space in the boot for golf clubs, the X5 is a statement car for the modern professional. Find out more about this stunning car in our review.


The BMW X5 first came on the market back in 1999 as the E53, and was a crossover vehicle that came at a time when BMW owned Land Rover. A lot of the famous 4×4 manufacturer’s technology and expertise was used to build the E53. The most recent generation, the F15, was launched back in 2013 as the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle. It first went on sale in November 2013. Over 1.3 million BMW X5’s have been produced across the three generations, cementing the car’s popularity as a distinguished SUV for active professionals. Choosing a high spec model with all the gadgets and gizmos, will make even the longest commutes a joy.

“The BMW X5 was one of the first big 4x4s to prioritise on-road performance over off-road abilities, setting a template that’s now become the norm.
This latest version is very much an evolution of what’s gone before, but it is the most luxurious and efficient X5 yet.”

– Telegraph Cars Review


One area where BMW consistently delivers is performance and the BMW X5 is no exception. Easy and fun to drive, the car is extremely well balanced to ensure that the high seating position and height of the car does not negatively affect the way it drives. The suspension keeps the car calm in corners, handling is crisp and responsive, and the seating position provides an excellent view of the road.

As you would expect with a SUV, the performance is strong across all road conditions, and performance won’t suffer too much if you take the car off road, although you may want something more rugged for regular excursions cross country. The standard eight speed automatic gearbox shifts smoothly between gears.

“Damn, the new X5 is good to drive. Perhaps not quite as overtly sporty as the last one.. But as an overall package, it really does take some beating, with a measured ride, crisp handling and near-total confidence in all weathers and all remotely road-based surfaces. To really venture a long way off-road you’ll still need a Range Rover, but for most people the BMW will probably suffice.”
– Top Gear Car Review


The excellent seating position is a good starting point. Manual seating controls allow a lot of variety of positioning, but can be a nuisance if another driver regularly takes the wheel. The seats themselves are comfortable, and if you choose the optional Comfort Seats then the amount of adjustment available sharply increases. The car feels spacious inside, with the seating position in the back comfortable for adults. Outside road noise is suitably softened, creating a hushed, almost reverential atmosphere inside.

For space, the rear seats, even the optional third row, fold down to create a huge amount of space. Even with the seats up, there’s space in the boot for a large dog, several suitcases or a golf bag – the standard equipment of a modern professional.


The new BMW X5’s are fitted with the latest in BMW’s Connected Drive technology. The range of options available is staggering, with the car almost fully customisable to your personal needs. Traffic jam assist takes away some of the strain of keeping the car moving in heavy traffic. The Heads Up Display (HUD) will display useful driving information in an easy to see, non distracting position. The Sat Nav is another key feature, with a Quick Start functionality that gets the system up and working within seconds of starting. Part of the Connected Drive is the iDrive Touch Controller, that allows you to navigate the onboard computer and entertainment systems.

Bang and Olufsen speakers provide excellent quality audio experience. Camera systems help you to park, with the Park Assist system making paralell parking simple. Front and rear cameras help improve visibility, whilst BMW night vision and thermal image camera will warn you of any unseen obstacles at night time.


The BMW X5 was last tasted by the Euro NCAP examination body back in 2003. After a reassessment, the car was given a full 5 star safety rating, for both adult and child passengers. Despite not being crash tested in recent years, the X5 has been fitted with modern safety programs and mechanisms, such as a stability control system. Front, side and window airbags provide protection for front and rear passengers, although there’s less protection for the optional third row. The anti-dazzle high-beam assistant helps other drivers on the road at night time. Built in car security systems make the car a tough prospect to steal.

The BMW X5

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