Every now and again we like to take a look at one of the cars that is particularly popular with our customers and give it a proper review. This time it’s the Land Rover Discovery 4.

Discovery Overview

The Land Rover Discovery is a best of both words kind of car. It is an extremely capable off-road vehicle but is also very comfortable and practical on the road. There is a vast amount of space inside the cabin and comes very well equipped as standard. However it can be expensive to run and unfortunately will place you firmly at the top of the road tax band range. All that being said there is still an awful lot to outweigh the negatives so let’s get in to it.

Tech Spec

The Discovery comes with just one engine choice, a 3.0l diesel. This 3.0l will do everything you need it to do though, both on and off-road, so don’t worry about lack of choice here. There are three options to choose from on trim level and even the base model comes fairly well equipped.

GS: The GS is the cheapest of the three trim levels but it still comes with a lot of equipment standard. You get air conditioning, four electric windows, Bluetooth, keyless entry, keyless start up, mp3/iPod connections, electric and heated mirrors along with all the usual kit you expect in a modern car.

XS: The next model up gives you cruise control, parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, heated leather seats and Sat-Nav on top of all the standard kit.

HSE: The top of the range model comes with just about everything you could want. The interior is all leather and wood, the stereo gets an impressive upgrade and all of the stuff that wasn’t electronic in the previous model is now electronic.

The 3.0l engine produces 252 bhp which gets you to 60 in 8.8 seconds and will take you up to 112 mph which is quite fast in a car this size and this well equipped.

It’s a big old beast to move around but it doesn’t wallow or roll around like some other cars in the same class. It accelerates well and cruises along very comfortably. Although it’s a big car, and has a reputation for poor MPG, we have usually achieved around 36MPG which we’ve been pleasantly surprised with.
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Comfort & Styling

The Discovery feels very well built on both the inside and out. On the XS and HSE models, the leather seats and interior make the cabin feel very high end and extremely comfortable. The heated front seats are certainly welcome on a cold day and really help to heat up the large amount of space inside the car quickly.

A very commanding driving position offers excellent visibility, large windows and huge side mirrors help too. The leg room is excellent, even in the back and surprisingly even the fold down seats in the boot are comfortable.

The Discovery has a very unique look to it, very muscular and solid looking. It really doesn’t look like anything else in its class, very distinctive and easily recognisable.

Spacious and flexible. Comfortable seating and exceptionally practical – especially for children. Well kitted out with good lighting, driver aids and nice things like multi-zone air conditioning. Great stereo with in-dash multi changer. A nice place to be!
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For a giant diesel 4×4 it is extremely well refined, the engine is very smooth and quiet both on short drives and long motorway runs. There is some wind noise from the rather large side view mirrors at motorway speeds but all things considered it is really very quiet.

Older models of the discovery certainly suffered with reliability issues but Land Rover have come along in leaps and bounds and the last few models have been rated very highly on the reliability front.

The inside feels well built too, all the fixtures feel very solid and tough, enough to best even the grabbiest of children. The buttons and switchgear are all of a high quality and are very pleasant to use actually.


The Discovery 4 scores a respectable four out of five stars on the Euro NCAP rating test for both adult and child protection. The discovery is packed with airbags, front, side and full length curtain airbags will keep occupants safe in the event of a collision. The Discovery was last tested back in 2006, before the new safety features were added, so take that score with a pinch of salt.

Stability control comes as standard, as does ABS but it also comes with a very capable hill descent system for any serious off-roaders out there. It will keep you from sliding down any hills as opposed to driving down them.

It’s a comfortable, reliable car and you feel safe, secure and confident. The high driving position means that you have great visibility and practicality. You just feel that your family are safe and sound
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It’s pretty obvious why the Discovery 4 is the success it is and why it is so popular with our customers. It is a great looking car, extremely practical and performs excellently both on and off-road!

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