Ethical lending and Creditplus are two words you might start to see used a lot around this website. It is something that I am hugely passionate about and is a promise to our customers that will shape the company for many years to come.

As a car finance company we have worked hard to provide a service and range of products that you can trust. To do this we have focused our business to put your best interests first. We know that happy customer’s means that we can continue to grow as a business and a brand.

Although this is something we have always taken very seriously we have never given a dedicated section to it on the website. Instead our customers have been given the messages subtly at different points around the site. This has now changed with our ethical lending pages that show exactly the service that you can use and trust.

What makes us an ethical lender I hear you ask?

Let me explain. We have built a finance process that helps our customers right from the first step. As with any finance application, it is necessary for us to take some personal information in order to process the application. Right from this stage we have your best interests at heart, even to the point where the business incurs a cost for every finance application we receive, and this is all before we have even had the chance to speak to you.

We are very proud of our bespoke ‘online decision’ technology which provides our customers with the knowledge as to whether or not we can help them with a car finance application. At this stage we have to perform a quotation credit search to understand your credit file. This search does not affect you credit rating as it is different to a full credit search – another example of putting the customer’s best interest first.

Once we have this information we can match our customer’s credit profile against the criteria of our lenders and provide them with an online decision. As we mentioned, this process has a cost associated to it and therefore the business is investing in our customer’s applications.

You might be wondering why we do this if it costs us money. Well, the simple answer is that it allows us to provide you with a better service. Not only can we speed up your finance application, but we also protect your credit rating as we do not propose you to lenders that can’t help you.

We have invested in this technology to ensure that the service you get is the best in the car finance industry.

However our responsibility does not end there. We have dedicated teams of customer advisors that are highly trained in all motor finance products. All of our customer advisors have passed the SAF competency test and will treat you in a fair and ethical manner.

Our ethical approach stems into every aspect of the business including our logistics team who are responsible for providing cars of a high standard for their age. We do things such as a comprehensive PDI (pre-delivery inspection)  to ensure the car has been well maintained and is in good working order before you receive it. When we supply used vehicles it is important that our customers understand that the vehicles are not in showroom condition but they are in a very good condition for a used vehicle.

This honesty and meticulous checking all helps towards our end goal of being the most ethical car finance business in the market.

It is also important that we give you great aftercare service. We deal in both new and used vehicles and as with any product there may occasionally there may be a problem. Although we are pleased that this is infrequent in our business, on the odd occasions that there is an issue we have a robust complaints procedure with a strict SLAs (service level agreements) that we meet for our customers.

If you would like to find out more about the process we offer or why we have a business goal to be the most ethical car finance provider, please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

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