The end of the month is upon us and its time to recap some of the highlights from the blog this month. We’ve had a variety of different subjects covered, from celebrities and their cars, motorsport’s newest competition, to the safest cars for children. Have a look at what we’ve been doing this month.

Best Car Finance Deal of the Month – Ford Fiesta

A monthly feature, we bring you the best deal of the month on a new or used car. This month, it was the Ford Fiesta, the UK’s best selling car.

The Ryder Cup of Cars

Team USA versus Team Europe. This year’s Ryder Cup was as exciting as the last, with Europe coming out victorious. To tie in with the competition, we pitted together a team of European cars against a team of American cars. Have a look at the results and see if you agree with our decision.

Car Finance Facts

A breakdown of all the results from Creditplus and the UK finance industry for August. Which cars sold the most? Which colour was the most popular? All is revealed.

Built by Man, Designed by Nature

Designers have been looking to the natural world for inspiration for a long time. Here are some of the more surprising animal inspirations.

Iconic Cars from British TV

A look back through some of the best motors on the box in Britain. Gene Hunt’s Quattro? Del Boy’s Reliant? All here.

The Car Boot Challenge – Who will win?

Which of the Creditplus team’s cars will come out on top when it comes to the car boot challenge – fitting a typical mum shop in the boot!

Nostalgia Alert – My Favourite Car Related Toys

Feeling in the mood for some childhood flashbacks? Well Luke took a look at his top ten favourite car related toys. I am outraged at Lego being #6, but it was his choice and does not reflect the views of Creditplus.

The safest cars for your children

Which are the safest cars on the market for your family? We took a look at the Euro NCAP results to find out.

The Cars Style Icons Drive

You look great, have the threads, but don’t have the car to match. What car should you be driving? Here’s what the icons drive, and how to get a car like theirs.

Battle of the crossovers

A mix between 4×4, hatchback, and estate, which crossover car is the best? We battled five against each other.

What my car says about me? – Hyundai Getz

A personal blog post from James telling the love hate relationship he has with his Hyundai Getz.

Go park yourself – auto parking is here

Automated parking technologies are here to make life easier. But what options are there? Tom has a look in his car tech blog.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs – The inspiration behind Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy are back for their seventh and final season. Here’s where the writers get their inspiration from.

Beginner’s Guide to Formula E

The inaugural Formula E season started this month. Here’s a guide to the new fully electric sport.

Car Tax without the tax disc – what does it mean for you?

A handy guide to the new car tax changes and what you need to do.

UK Blog Awards – how our commendation changed us

We have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards! Last year we were happy to be commended. What can we do to win?

That’s it for this month’s roundup

Next month looks to be just as busy with new racing games being launched for Xbox and Playstation, the Paris Motor Show with its big announcements, and Halloween creeping up on us at the end of the month!

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