MotoGP Round 4 – Jerez 2016


Valentino Rossi reinstates his position as the Greatest Of All Time with a flawless weekend performance aboard his trusted Yamaha M1. He looked strong from the start leading every practice session, qualifying in first position, and winning the race without any real threat from his rivals.

Lorenzo and Marquez trailed Rossi from the start but at no point seemed to have the pace to match the 9 times world champion, and although a battle between the two seemed likely, nothing materialised and they finished in second and third respectively. For a boring race lacking any real action, it was great to see the Doctor back to his clinical best.

The Championship


An excellent win it was, but it was still just a single win, with the championship leaders also taking good points finishing on the rostrum alongside The GOAT. It also brings back Rossi’s unfortunate DNF at Austin which may well be a defining moment later in the season. As a result there is no change to the championship standings with Marquez still leading on 82 points, Lorenzo in second with 65 and Rossi a now closer third with 58 points. However, the points don’t really mean a lot at this stage in the season, and especially so with the new Michelin tyres this year, making every race meeting a test.

Tyres Are A Defining Factor This Year

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that the tyres are a major factor in who finishes this year at the top; with such strong leading riders it really comes down to which team come up with the best setup for the tyres for that track. But not only that, over race distance another major factor is who manages their tyres and who best adapts to the conditions – something Rossi has mastered over the years. From what the riders have said it seems to be the Michelins are more unpredictable compared to the previous Bridgestones. For example, both Rossi and Lorenzo remarked about rear tyre spin at the latter stages of the race, whereby on the straight the Yamaha riders had to back off from the throttle to compensate.

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