Sometimes a product comes along which just sort of makes sense, and you start to wonder why it was never a thing that existed before. That’s the case with Irish company Stayhold’s boot tidy system, and I’ve had a few months of use with their Super Pack to put it through its paces.

Some of you might remember we actually gave one of these away for our advent calendar competition last year (thanks, Stayhold!) The Super Pack contains a fair few pieces to help you keep your cargo upright and stationary, but if you need more the company sells “Ultimate” and “Utopia” packs which give you much more in the box.

What’s in the box?

In the Super Pack you will find:

1 x Stayhold Classic

2 x Stayhold Mini

2 x Utility straps

2 x Quick straps


The Stayhold Super Pack – Image © Stayhold Ltd

So, how does it work?

Ease of use and simplicity is Stayhold’s selling point. The Stayhold Classic and Mini pieces are L-shaped plastic stands with the hooked side of velcro covering the bottom of the unit. Simply position your shopping / bags / other cargo against the side or back of your car boot, and hold them in place with the Stayhold stands. They do a great job of gripping the carpet of your boot, and can hold back most items from falling over – however, extremely heavy objects will probably still need to be held in place with other contraptions, as you can only expect so much hold with velcro.

If you have any bottles, cans or other products which need to be held upright, that's where the straps come in. The Quickstraps are held together with velcro, whereas the Utility straps are a little more heavy-duty and include a plastic clasp which is undoubtedly more secure than the velcro. The Stayhold Mini and Classic stands are both perforated with long holes. Simply thread the straps through these holes and you can then attach these items to the front of them.

The down-sides

Honestly, there isn't a whole lot bad to say about this kit. The biggest negative I can find is that the velcro hooks can eventually start to damage the carpet on the floor of your boot if stuck-on and removed regularly. This could potentially affect the resale price of your vehicle, but I wouldn't make this a buying decision - I've been using the system for a few months, and I'm yet to notice any damage to the carpet.


In Summary

Overall, the Stayhold Super Pack is a great kit, and can be used by pretty much everybody. It's not the sexiest, most exciting thing in the world, but it doesn't need to be. It's a well-designed, simple system that does its job exceptionally well. There will always be a situation where the Stayhold system will come in handy - and I have found I have it in constant use in the boot of my Audi A1.

We give the Stayhold Super Pack a Recommended rating - buy the Super Pack (avilable for £19.76) or any of their products over at the Stayhold website, and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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