Summer has certainly been a little different this year. With COVID still at large and quarantine measures in place for those travelling abroad, many of us have opted for a summer staycation over a foreign holiday.

Thankfully, the UK is home to some beautiful places - most within relatively easy driving distance too. But if you’ve found the driving dull and tiresome, or you’ve run into car trouble along the way, it could be an indication that it’s time to change your vehicle. 

If this is the case and you need some inspiration, why not check out our list of top-selling cars this summer?

In this article, we examine our top ten best-selling cars from June to August and reveal the reasons behind their popularity.

BMW 1 Series

Kicking off our list of top-selling cars this summer, the BMW 1 Series. This premium hatchback has proved the most popular choice among Creditplus customers, and it’s not hard to see why. 

From the outside, it certainly turns heads thanks to its streamlined body and sharp angular edges, creating an instantly sporty impression. Inside, the cabin is exceptionally well-built, featuring high-end materials and an impressive array of tech and driver conveniences.

But most importantly, it’s fantastic to drive. Whether you’re tearing up the motorway or weaving through town, the 1 Series is smooth, quiet and comfortable.

Ford Fiesta

Having ranked as the UK’s best-selling model for several years, it’s of little surprise to see the Ford Fiesta making an early appearance on our list of top-sellers. Stylish, comfortable, and affordable, the Fiesta is a truly fantastic all-rounder. 

Oh, and it’s also great fun to drive. With sharp steering and solid grip, you can really attack corners with confidence. What’s more, the Fiesta has excellent suspension, helping you glide over any potholes or lumps and bumps in the road.

With the latest version, you’ll also enjoy a wide selection of high-tech kit, including an 8-inch screen with smartphone mirroring system Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Nissan Juke

Next up, the Nissan Juke. It may not be the most practical choice, but this small SUV has managed to win over thousands of motorists thanks to it’s fun and quirky design.

Previously, the Juke’s interior was a little basic and in places, cheap. However, the latest version has been upgraded with new styling to provide a much sportier feel. For example, the three air vents on the dashboard resemble exhausts from miniature jet engines, and the glossy black plastic combined with shiny metal-effect trims definitely adds a sporty touch.

And whilst older Jukes have always been a little short on space, the new version offers more room for passengers, and a bigger boot too. Hurrah!

Mercedes C-Class

At number four, the Mercedes C-Class. Combining style and comfort, the C-Class delivers everything you could want from a premium saloon, and more. 

The cabin is stylish and sophisticated, featuring a plethora of high-quality materials and impressive attention to detail. Whilst the seats may not be authentic leather, the Artico man-made alternative is extremely convincing and every bit as plush.

All versions include a large 10-inch touch-screen infotainment screen, which can be activated by touchpad controllers on the steering wheel.

And if the swanky saloon-style isn’t to your taste, no problem - as the C-Class is also available as a coupe, an estate, or even a drop-top convertible!

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has always been a firm family favourite thanks to its reliability and practicality. But the latest version offers a renewed sense of luxury and edges closer to its more premium rivals. 

It’s well equipped too, with Entry-level models containing a 4.2-inch colour display, Bluetooth and DAB radio. But for those wanting to get their hands on more tech, the Zetec model comes with a larger 8-inch screen, plus voice recognition technology, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone mirroring.

What’s more, the Focus is great to drive. With light steering and excellent body control, you can feel safe and secure around bends. And with excellent suspension, you and your passengers can enjoy a smooth, comfortable, and relaxing driving experience. 

Range Rover Evoque

At number six, the Range Rover Evoque. Before the Evoque, Land Rover was all about country living and off-road excursions. And whilst this is still true, the Evoque certainly succeeded in steering the manufacturer in a new glamorous direction.

Now in its second generation, the Evoque is certainly retaining its original popularity. The new version resembles the original design in most places, with the exception of a few small tweaks including narrower lights at the front and back, and flush-fitting door handles.

Inside is every bit as premium, with plenty of soft, squidgy plastics and glossy trims covering the dashboard and centre console. There’s no shortage of equipment here either, with a 10-inch screen available across all trims and smart technology that can learn where you want your seat positioned, your preferred cabin temperature, and how best you like your seat massage.

BMW 3 Series

At seven, it’s the BMW 3 Series. This sporty saloon is a great option for anyone looking for something stylish, well equipped, and fun to drive - providing they don’t mind paying a bit extra for premium quality.

With the latest version, you can also enjoy a vast range of driver conveniences. This includes a new pair of high-resolution infotainment screens with Apple CarPlay and Android.

With superb handling and excellent performance, the 3 Series is certainly one of the best in its class. And whilst it may not be the cheapest option, we believe it’s worth every penny.

Volkswagen Golf

Spanning across eight generations, the Volkswagen Golf has become a timeless favourite thanks to its style, practicality, and performance. It may be more expensive than rivals such as the Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia, but if you’re looking for a premium touch without moving into Mercedes or Audi territory, the Volkswagen Golf is a fantastic choice.

The Golf interior has always felt superior over mainstream family cars, but its new minimalist dashboard and dual digital displays really are something special.

If you want to save on running costs, the latest Golf also is also available with a mild-hybrid petrol engine. Not only will you spend less at the pump, but it’s also better for the environment too.

Nissan Qashqai

At number nine it’s Nissan again, this time with the Qashqai. After initiating the SUV trend back in 2008 the Qashqai still remains one of the most popular SUV’s today, despite almost every other manufacturer jumping on the bandwagon. 

With plenty of space and a helpful range of seat adjustments, it’s easy to get comfortable in the Qashqai. You’ll also enjoy a great view of the road ahead thanks to its elevated driving position.

It may not feel particularly premium inside compared to its rivals, but it’s certainly practical, offering a decent sized boot with plenty of cupholders and storage space. That being said, newer high-end versions are available with flashy extras, including ambient lighting and a glossy finish around the infotainment screen.

BMW 4 Series

Last but by no means least on our list of top-sellers, the BMW 4 Series. Driving this little coupe will certainly put a smile on your face thanks to its impressive speed and agility. It’s not too bumpy either, however, there’s always the option to upgrade to adaptive M Sport suspension if you want to make the ride even smoother.

Just as you would expect, the interior is extremely well-designed. The latest version also comes with an array of sporty features including body-hugging leather sports seats and a leather-trimmed steering wheel with red stitching.

For a coupe it’s surprisingly spacious, allowing enough room in the front and rear spaces for adults under six-foot-tall. There’s even a decent-sized boot too. What’s not to love, right?

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