Sooner or later we all reach that stage. Y’know, that stage where comfort nudges style off a car’s top ‘must-have’ spot.

Perhaps you have reached a certain point where a smooth ride stops the juddering of ageing joints, or maybe you have a young family and ample space makes for a comfortable (and peaceful) journey.

Long commutes, back surgeries, pregnancy - there are many reasons why comfort trumps horses under the hood. But what if we told you that you didn’t need to swap style for comfort?

That you could have both? We’ve rounded up the UK’s top 10 most comfortable cars that won’t crush your street cred.

1. Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta has remained a firm favourite with the car-owning British public since the mk1, back in ‘76. Simple engineering coupled with a modern look has always been the driving force behind the car’s popularity.

44 years on, and now in its seventh-gen, the Fiesta brings a new level of satisfaction. The Fiesta now offers a top class interior, with features as standard that put its rivals, (and those in a different class), to shame.

Offering all the tech you could need and a drive that is both responsive and dynamic.

2. Nissan Qashqai


It’s likely we all know a Qashqai owner - Jim from the office, Maria from pilates, even uncle Bill.

The compact SUV packs quite a punch without being overbearing; a higher ride(great for older people that struggle to get in, and out, of lower seated cars and also those with car seats - no more bumping your, or your child's head) with plenty of space, great suspension and economical to run.

However, if you’re after a more tech-savvy car, then the Qashqai leaves you feeling a little, well, despondent.

The infotainment system lags behind competitors in terms of usability, but if you're less interested in the dash and more interested in the drive experience, then overall it delivers a smooth ride with the benefits of a higher vantage point.

Plus its British made, so chuck some bonus points on for that.

3. Mercedes E Class


If good looks and authority are high on your agenda, then the E Class from Mercedes is worth some time to mull over.

Winner of ‘Best Executive Car’ back in 2018 means that pulling up to meetings, the office or the gym gives you an air of success.

The E350 features air suspension as standard, which delivers an effortless ride negating the bumps and potholes that UK roads are famed for.

4. BMW 3 Series


The 3 Series is like a reliable old jumper (albeit a designer one). Its essence has been the same since its conception, over 40 years ago.

A stalwart of refined, confident sophistication, driving the 3 Series makes you feel like a master of the road. The response is innate, so your drive feels like an extension of you.

Plus the Tourer has a vast boot, so you can stash the weekly shop, golf clubs, dogs and all the coats you’ll ever need without having to pack in the kids like sardines.

5. Mercedes S Class Deals


In 1970, when Janis Joplin crooned about owning a Mercedes-Benz, it was likely that the S Class was the car in question.

Rooted in being innovative while also being luxury, the styling and tech might have evolved but the core values remain the same.

As the largest of the Mercs, the S Class is heavy which is great for handling but not so much for fuel economy.

Make friends with your local gas service station - you’ll be there a lot. A top-budget vehicle but you can see where that is spent - and yes, it’s worth it.

6. Skoda Karoq


Advertised as a family car, you can see why it appeals to those that tend to have more ‘stuff’ than most. With plenty of room to swing a cat (stand down PETA, we didn’t actually try).

The entry-level option is certainly well-stocked. You can expect the likes of an 8” sat-nav with built-in WiFi, auto-dimming rearview mirror, electronic parking brake and wait for it...a pen holder.

Phew. Glad that’s on the list. The additional upgrades make this one helluva family run-around.

7. Rolls-Royce Phantom


We might be talking dream car here, but if comfort is the aim, then we can’t ignore what may well be the, well, Rolls-Royce of cars.

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine the firm plumpness of high-grade leather cushioning your derriere, the gentle purr of the engine and the graceful meandering as the tyres hush along the road.

In the words of Chandler Bing, could it BE any more comfortable?

8. Audi A3


Back to reality with a bump here, but at least it’s a premium bump. As with all Audis (in fact, as with most German-made cars), the whole package is extremely appealing.

An edgy, crisp outside aesthetic gives way to some serious tech inside. A versatile car that’s as much suited to road trips to hike Snowdon with your mates as it is as a family runaround.

A roomy boot allows for equipment, shopping and bulky buggies while the backseat easily accommodates two adults.

The new A3 has Audi’s MMI infotainment system, but even older models benefit from an abundance of bells and whistles that serve to make driving more intuitive.

9. Citroen C3


The C3 may look like a four-year-old’s been at it with Lego (Citroen call the rubberised dimples that adorn the doors ‘Airbumps’) but despite the peculiar appearance, the added feature has the benefit of repelling damage from wayward trolleys and over-enthusiastic door opening.

Function over fashion, perhaps. A quiet drive with soft and supple suspension, it offers a smooth ride. The tech isn’t as snappy as its competitors, but sometimes you just want a car that drives well.

10. Honda Jazz


Is the Jazz sexy, like its name suggests? But what it lacks in obvious styling, it makes up for practicality. And sometimes practicality wins. The Jazz has bags of room.

Two adults can sit side by side without any awkward leg touching. Plus the seats are magical - not in the boy-wizard under the stairs way - but in the way that they can fold totally flat creating an almost minivan-esque interior.

The Jazz is certainly aimed at the family market, however, there is a lot that can be said for a car you can chuck a mattress in and sleep.

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