Everyone can hear and see you when driving a convertible. With this in mind we have put together a few things that you should not to do whilst behind the wheel of a convertible to avoid attracting unwanted attention and the possible chance of being filmed!

Dress Poorly


You might imagine that driving about in a convertible is a bit like being a Hollywood star – everyone is jealous of you and looks at you thinking that you’re the coolest human being in the world. Don’t spoil their perception of you by driving around like this.

Talk to yourself

We have all been caught in the act at some point during our lives and we all remember all too well how embarrassing it was! Don’t be caught in the act again.

Wear a wig

Wearing a wig in a convertible is only going to bring trouble your way. Don’t be like this man, either don’t wear a wig or make sure you have it firmly gripped to your head so it stands up to possible tornado winds.

Wear your hair down

Failure to tie your hair up will result in this …

Play embarrassing music

Chose your tunes wisely, in a convertible you’re choosing music for your on lookers not just yourself.

Wear a short floaty skirt

Restrain from wearing a short floaty skirt if you don’t want to spend the entire journey holding your skirt down to prevent an unwanted flash!

Have your hair done before hand


It is advisable that you don’t go the hairdressers before getting in your convertible, no matter how much you might want to show your hair off – It will only result in tears.

Leave paperwork on the back seat


Don’t be the classic convertible driver that fails to check his or hers backseats for loose paperwork before rushing to put the roof down on a lovely summer’s day – At some point we have all been behind a driver who fails to notice his or hers entire contents of their filing cabinet being unleashed into the big wide world.

Pick your nose and eat it

Of all the things not to do in a convertible this has to be the ultimate one! So many videos go viral because of someone being caught on camera picking their nose – don’t let this be you!

Drive under a flock of birds


To reduce the risk of having a car full of bird crap, or even worse bird crap over you, refrain from driving under a flock of birds, or parking your car under a tree where they are nesting.

Ok, so now you now what to avoid when driving a convertible you are ready to find your new convertible just in time for the summer! Luckily for you we have a simple search that allows you to see a whole range of convertibles that you can enjoy this summer.

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