We all like to think of ourselves as conscientious and considerate drivers; after all, that hard-earned cash and time spent on driving lessons and tests wasn’t done for fun. Learning to drive and actually getting out on the open road was the goal, and now that you’re able to do it legally, there would be no point at all in jeopardising that freedom, would there?

But let’s be honest. There’s a strong chance that, at one time or another, we’ve all bent – if not broken – the odd motoring law. Whether it’s zipping through a rapidly changing set of lights from amber to red, or undertaking a slower car, some of us would have to hold our hands up. Of course, there are a number of driving offences that some of us have probably committed without realising. Oops.

Our latest infographic below shows just seven driving offences that are more than likely to trip people up. Check it out and see if you’re guilty of any – we promise not to tell anyone if you have…

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