Like them or hate them, rules are not actually made to be broken, but to protect us from the ever-growing hazards that we seem to face in today’s world. Despite the tendency to bubble wrap our life styles and cover our backs with as much red tape as possible in the culture of ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’; a lot of rules are extremely important.

This could not be more obvious in the automotive world. For instance, in the UK it is a strict law that seatbelts must be worn whilst driving, and we adhere to this rule from an early age because it actually saves lives. It is also painfully obvious across the UK to stop when faced with a red traffic light signal, as to avoid any potential life threatening collisions.

However, across the world there are some outlandish and quite frankly hilarious driving laws set in place which will leave you thinking – who came up with that?

China – look left, look right, and run for your life


In most cases, driving laws are set in place to protect pedestrians and other drivers around you, right? Not in Beijing. In this city of bright lights and bustling sidewalks, it is actually illegal to stop for pedestrians.

Denmark – check for children


They say in winter to check underneath your car for any cats seeking protection from the relentless cold, and you can be forgiven for forgetting this suggested precaution. However, in Denmark a law is set in place to always check underneath your car before setting off; but not for cats, for kids. If you are ever travelling through Denmark, be sure to check for any rascals clinging to your chassis!

Russia – clean up your act


Although it’s nice to keep your car shiny and clean, it’s not always convenient or at the top of your priorities. And who is anyone to judge if you drive a mucky car? Well, the police in Russia! Driving a dirty car around Russia can land you with an unwanted fine. And without any universal measurement of ‘dirty’ you better hope for your local police officer is a slob!

Philippines – even more reason to hate Mondays


Monday; probably the most dreaded day of the week across the nation. Whether it’s back to school or the beginning of the working week, it manages to bring you crashing back to reality after a blissful weekend. However, in the Philippines, if your number plate ends in a one or a two, it is against the law to drive on a Monday, so to avoid being housebound you will need to find alternative transport. On ya bike – literally!

Florida – parking tickets for your tusks


In the state of Florida, make sure you put some money in the parking meter if you decide to tie your elephant to the meter. This is obvious, right? Who in their right mind would be so brazen as to tie their pet elephant to a parking meter without actually paying? People these days!

Tennessee – have a whale of a time


If hunting whales from the comfort of a car is your sport, then Tennessee is your state. The law stands that it is illegal to shoot animals from your car in Tennessee, unless the animal is a whale. Either the population of Tennessee has considerably good aim or the US state is privy to the scientific phenomena of land living whales – but one thing can be said – #justiceforwhales.

Nevada – don’t get the hump


On the highways of Nevada there is one thing you won’t see; people riding camels. That’s right, if you are considering a road trip through the state of Nevada, leave the camel at home as it is illegal to ride a camel on a highway, although we are sure many people have tried…

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As utterly bonkers as many of the rules listed may seem, the vast majority of rules for driving are set in place for good reason, and it is imperative that we abide by them. However, if you are fed up of receiving harsh fines for riding your camel on the highway or parking your elephant illegally, why not search for a far more legal and practical way of getting from A to B?

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