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Driving Us Crazy – The Best Car Jokes


Image: The Best Car Jokes

Stand up comedy is more popular than ever, with sell out tours and Christmas DVDs now a regular feature on our television screens. As petrolheads, you can’t beat a good car joke. So we’ve collected together some of the best routines, comedy sketches and joke anecdotes – gathered below for your viewing pleasure.

Warning! Some of the routines below contain some explicit language.

Lee Mack on Driving Tests and Drink Driving

Skip to 1min42seconds for the car joke.

Lee Evans at the Drive Thru

Smack The Pony – Parking

Mitch Hedberg – Emergency Brake

(That’s the handbrake for us English speakers)

Jack Dee – BMW

George Carlin – Drivers and Courtesy

One of America’s funniest comedians, often joked about driving. Here’s one of his best car jokes.

And finally…

This bizarre sketch from Peter Serafinowicz

Have we missed any great car jokes? Let us know in the comments and we’ll collect them together for next time. More from Creditplus: The Creditplus Dream Team – Which cars made our fantasy eleven? Take a look. Kimi Raikkonen – Formula One’s grumpiest man. Top 10 best car related marketing stunts.


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