Whether it’s your prized possession, or simply a means of getting from A to B, we all have those pet peeves whilst driving in our cars. And what’s worse is when these peeves are committed by the delightful passengers sat right next to you.

You know the feeling. You’re kindly chauffeuring your friend, cruising along happy as Larry when suddenly…

You grit your teeth and smile politely as your passenger blissfully commits the offense. Like a duck paddling, on the surface you remain cool and collected, but beneath the surface you’re going MAD.
At Creditplus we’re all too familiar with these serial offenders, and have managed to come up with a whole list of pet peeves committed by our frustratingly oblivious passengers. We wanted the thoughts of our extended audience, so we decided to let the world of Twitter decide what passengers do to get on their nerves the most. The results of our Twitter Polls are in; here’s what grinds our follower’s gears…

Eating and Drinking

Let’s face it, it’s hard to relax and concentrate on the winding roads ahead when you’ve got one eye on that open can of Coke as your friend animatedly swings it about mid story. You politely nod along in agreement as you think to yourself “If one drop of that spills on my cream upholstery, I will flip…” This burning fear rockets when they have the cheek to whip out that bag of crisps as they perilously crumble onto the seats.


Smoking has been an issue which has divided the nation for years. However, the rules are in place for good reason; people do not enjoy inhaling the fumes of second hand smoke. This unpleasantness is amplified when you’re in a confined space hurtling down the motorway. Even people who enjoy the occasional cigarette usually wish to avoid the relentless smell of smoke clinging to every inch of fabric in their motors. So, unless you have permission from the driver, it’s best to keep the pack of cigarettes on pause.

Changing radio stations

The sun is blazing; the sunglasses are on and you’re fully immersed in the musical bliss of your favourite jam. And it’s coming, that part which you’ve got down to a t, ad libs and all. You’re on a roll and about to unleash the inner superstar inside you, and then… someone changes the radio station. And just like that, you’re back in the room, and you slump back as the carpet has well and truly been pulled from beneath your lyric spitting feet. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Leaving rubbish behind

You’ve had a long day; work has been the usual monotonous drag and you’ve just battled the angry beast which is rush hour traffic. Fear not though, as home is just around the corner. But as you wave off your car share colleague, you notice they’ve left you something behind as they slam the car door behind them. A present? No. A crisp packet. An empty bottle of water. Sweet wrappers. And the last time you checked, you drove a Ford Focus, not a bin. Your blood boils, but you resist the temptation to fling their leftovers onto their drive, and reluctantly clear up after them. But next time…

Giving bad directions

You’ve packed the car up, got the playlist ready and you and your companion are ready to hit the open road. And while road trips can be a little daunting, the prospect of driving to unexplored destinations is always made better when you have an accomplice, to not only entertain you, but also guide you through the unknown. You place all your trust in your passenger, with the knowledge that they know where they’re going, whether that be through experience or the plainly obvious map sat on their lap. But no, instead of providing the essential guidance you need, they’re more interested in what’s going on with Facebook. “Oh, it was that last left turn; oops!”

Oops? OOPS?! Unfortunately, ‘oops’ just doesn’t cut it when there are flights to be caught and you are now further away from the airport than when you set off thanks to poor directions. And as your passenger adamantly guides you towards the third dead end of the journey, the vision of sun, sea and sand begins to fade almost as fast as your patience.

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