Easter weekend is one of the key dates in the British calendar because for many of us, Easter weekend marks a blissful, well-earned 4-day weekend. Of course, for those with kids to entertain over the Easter break, the word “break” is slightly optimistic, as you usually end up returning to work more exhausted than you were before.

However, the long bank holiday weekend is the perfect time to plan some quality family time, whether that involves packing up the car and visiting those friends or relatives you hardly ever get to see, or perhaps enjoying a few days holidaying in one of the UK’s top tourist destinations.

Either way, one of the greatest challenges involved in any trip is the seemingly impossible task of keeping the little sprogs entertained throughout the car journey.

At Creditplus, we recognise the struggle which is why we’re offering our 7 top tips to help keep your little ones quiet and content, to help you remain sane and relaxed throughout the journey.

Here are our top 7 tips…

1. Plenty of Snacks

Before you embark on your journey, pack a decent assortment of snacks. Not only will these keep your kids happy, you’ll also avoid having to splash out on food at the service stations. A fiver each time soon adds up and you’ll very quickly end up spending a fortune. Just remember to choose foods that aren’t going to make too much mess. Chocolate for instance, a big no-no. It will melt and before you know it your kids will be covered, as will the seats, windows and door handles of your poor car.

2. Tablets

Contrary to what some might say, using technology to entertain your kids is not cheating. Ok, it may be the easy option, but this is your Easter holiday too and you deserve a moment’s peace at times! With an infinite amount of games and movies readily available, you can simply download their favourite films and games and let the tablet do the rest.

3. Audio Books

While we’re on the subject of technology, Audio books are another easy win as you can simply download your kids’ favourite books onto an iPod or mp3 player and let them drift off to the story. With apps like Spotify and Audible, your kids can choose from an endless number of stories to suit their ever-changing mood. But unless you want to listen to five hours of captain underpants and his amazing wedgie-power, remember to pack a pair of earphones for them to plug in, trust us – they are your life line.

4. Interactive Games

I-spy, twenty questions, made up quizzes – kids love these sorts of games and they’re a fun way to get them thinking. We’re often guilty for being too busy to engage in silly fun with our kids, so while you’re all together with time on your hands, why not use the opportunity to give them your full attention. Plus, all the excitement will no doubt set them up nicely for a post-game nap.

5. Colouring Books

Colouring is renowned for being calming and therapeutic, so much so that there’s now a solid market for adult colouring books too! So, to keep everyone cool and level headed throughout the journey, why not pack some colouring pencils and get creative – that includes whoever is in the passenger seat out of you and your partner, because let’s face it, even the best of us can get a little cranky during long car journeys...

6. Regular Stops

Regular stops are key to keeping everyone happy and relaxed as it gives your kids the opportunity to run about and stretch their legs. It will also make you feel more refreshed and focused when you get back in the car again. Of course, there is nothing worse than hearing another toilet break request two minutes after pulling out of the service station, but as the saying goes - “when you gotta go, you gotta go”, and there’s nothing to gain from trying to make them wait until the next scheduled stop.

7. It’s All in The Timing

Finally, the secret to a peaceful car journey is to set out late. Of course, this may not always be possible depending on your holiday agenda, however if there is the option to leave late in the evening you can simply tuck your kids up in the back with pillows and blankets, and with any luck they’ll drift off for the duration of the journey!

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