Upcycling isn’t a new idea, but rather a new term. There are plenty of books, websites; TV shows offering upcycling inspiration inviting you to make do mend. Thanks to Kirstie Allsopp, transforming chairs, lamps, tables has never been so easy, but what about transforming your old car?  If you are looking for a weekend project then read on.


The sources of all the images in this post can be found via our Car Themed Decor Pinterest board.

Make do mend or scrap

It is common knowledge that people are often left feeling disappointed with a price given to them for the cost of their old car, depreciation may have lowered quicker than they first thought, plus we all want our cars to cost more than the offered price, due to the investment we put into them each year.

If you are looking at trading in your old model for a new one, and your are finding it difficult to say goodbye to your trusted car and the memories, then why not keep it a part of it?

A deposit is not always required for Car Finance, so if you are feeling creative then this could work out well for you.

We spoke to our local vehicle recycling centre, Charles Trent to ask them how they can help repurpose some of your preloved car parts.

Statement from Charles Trent:

“Our PickAPart DIY parts solution allows anybody to come in armed with a toolkit and remove as many parts as they want. The service is simple – pick what you want and pay a low, fixed price for parts at the counter as you leave. As a company we recycle 95% of every vehicle that enters through our gates. We actively encourage anybody to come in and buy parts for upcycling projects/purposes. In fact we’re in the process of getting a rear end of a Lamborghini Gallardo converted into living room furniture ourselves!  V8 engine coffee tables and such forth make excellent conversation pieces and these engines can be purchased from our yard.  Anything that encourages people to think green and make parts go further is a winner in our eyes. After all, why buy new when recycled will do?”

Seeking inspiration then look no further

We have been creating a Car Décor board over at our Pinterest channel and have sourced a number of creative ideas on upcycling your car.  From Mini workstations to iPhone speakers made from Supercar exhausts to engine block coffee tables and even mirrors made out of car grills. We are continuing to add car décor ideas to our Car Decor board please visit it here: Creditplus Car Themed Decor on Pinterest.

If you are feeling like you are ready to test your mettle as a car furniture craftsman, read our useful guide to upcycling your car parts and be inspired by some of favourite car furniture designs.

Should you be interested in the original source of the image, note all images featured in this blog post can be obtained by visiting our Pinterest page.

Helpful guide to upcycling your car

Wikipedia definition of upcycling:

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials of products of better quality or for environmental value.

Creditplus definition of upcycling your car:

Upcycling your old car helps keeps those car memories alive, along with providing a storage solution or feature for your home, office or garage.

Where to start

1.    Gain inspiration from our Car Decor Pinterest Board
2.    Make notes
3.    Find trades people that may be required: metal workers
4.    Find car parts that match the image you have in mind
5.    Work out the scale and dimensions of your car furniture piece
6.    Create working drawings, keep it simple
7.    Build it

Top Ten car themed home décor!



Coming in at number 10, if you are looking for the most effective way to create a display light, why not attach a headlight to your ceiling? Only one thing wrong with this picture, how do you connect it to the engine? It makes for a very cool feature though and I am sure where there is a will there is a way.



And at number 9 is this petrol head toilet roll holder, engine sink and lounge table. This homeowner clearly has a love for all things motoring and has found a clever way to transfer their passion from the garage to the house.



These car sofa’s are great for fans of both classical and modern cars. Introducing the Cobta 427 sofa and Lincoln sofa. I am a huge fan of the tyre table that comes with the Lincoln too. We may have to make one of these for Creditplus HQ!




When considering upcycling your car parts, creating a car part table could be the easiest option. It’s a simple and effective centrepiece for your living room



Nissan Figaro cooling system upcycled into a mirror. Looking good! This is an abstract approach to using car parts, but creates a stunning almost steampunk style effect.



This car bookcase would also make for a great storage solution, room feature, or headboard. Could take some planning but would be ideal for a car decor themed room.



Love the look of this steering wheel light and believe it could be pretty simple to set up. Using easy to access parts like steering wheels or gear sticks can provide useful materials for upcycling.



Why not re-purpose your car into a hot tub Jacuzzi? Maybe not the most straightforward modification, but a fun idea though.



If you have fond memories of your car what better way to have a reminisce on this half car swing? Ideal for anyone nurturing the next generation of petrolheads.



The winner has to be this Glamour Beetle Armchair.  If you have some spare cash, why not have one made for you, you can read more about the Glamour Beetle here.

We want your ideas!

If you have any car upcycling ideas then we would love to hear about them over at our social channels. For more inspiration visit our Pinterest Car themed decor page.

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