As fun as a family road trip may be, travelling with children may also prove to be a challenge…

We all know that tired, hungry, grumpy, or simply bored children have the potential to turn a nice day out into a complete nightmare, but there are a few steps you can take to keep your family happy on the road.

As the Royal Family welcomes a new baby, Creditplus has decided to celebrate the happy occasion by bringing you some useful tips on how to travel with your own children without losing all your time and patience.

Here are our top tips for smooth car journeys with the whole family:

1. Stock up on food


When getting ready to travel with kids, you can never have enough food. Regardless of when you have fed them, odds are you won’t even make it to the motorway before one - or all - your kids start asking for food.

Having a few light and healthy snacks handy can make for a much smoother road trip, so make sure you’re prepared.

2. Pack a survival kit

The contents of this kit will, of course, depend on how old your children are, but basic items include wet wipes, car sickness medication, a change of clothes, and resealable plastic bags – all very useful, shall any ‘accidents’ happen along the way.

If you’re travelling during the summer, bringing some sun cream with you is also a good idea, as your car windows will not be enough to protect your kids from those dangerous UV-rays.

3. Safety first


This one probably goes without saying, but it’s always worth remembering the basics.

Making sure you have right car seats for your children’s age and size is not only an essential step to keep them safe, but can also save you a lot of heartache and money, shall you have an unexpected encounter with the traffic police.

You can find a complete guide to the latest car seat options and regulations in this blog post.

4. Take rest breaks

Taking a few breaks along the way will not only make your kids happy, but also help you feel fresher for the rest of the trip.

Doing a bit of research on which service stations have got rest areas with children’s playrooms and other child-friendly facilities can turn your family trip into a much more relaxed experience.

5. Entertainment is key


Keeping your children entertained on the road is a must-do, if you want to have some peace and quiet along the way.

A lot of car models now come with the option of an inbuilt DVD player and that could be a good option to keep your kids happy and entertained during the journey.

Bringing some toys with you, or even thinking of a few car games that the whole family can play may also make for a fun and relaxing trip.

Some children also react quite well to music, so having some child-friendly tunes to play along the way could be a good call – if you don’t mind memorising the Peppa Pig soundtrack, of course.

6. Make it comfortable

Make sure you keep your children comfortable along the way, as they’ll be more likely to stay happy during the journey – or even fall asleep.

It’s always worth taking a few travel pillows with you and other basic items, that will vary accordingly to the time of year.

Car window covers are a must-have to keep your children comfortable during your summer trips, while some nice cosy blankets can make a world of difference during those winter getaways.

7. Map your journey


Getting lost during a car trip is always a stressful experience, but even more so if you’re travelling with children.

A simple mistake, like taking a wrong turn or missing your motorway exit, can double your travelling time, increase your fuel costs and make your kids extremely impatient, which will stress you out even more.

Making sure you map your journey in advance or use a reliable GPS along the way is always a good call, but it becomes absolutely crucial when you’re travelling with your little ones.

8. Get a family-friendly car

Driving the right car for your family’s needs is an essential part of making your family trips more enjoyable.

If your old set of wheels is no longer up to the challenge and your budget isn’t as royal as you’d like, Creditplus can help.

Choose from one of the great family cars in our extensive car search and apply today by completing our simple, two-minute form to get a quick, no-obligation quote.

For an extra smooth car journey, try out our Find, Find & Deliver service and have your car sourced checked, financed and delivered straight to your door in a heartbeat.

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