August was an interesting month in the world of finance. The UK finally seems to be putting the doom and gloom of recession behind us and it is clear from our own business that consumer confidence is well and truly back in the market.


Customers are looking to buy cars again and many are looking for competitive finance options to achieve this. Here we take a look back over August at some of the most attention grabbing car finance statistics.


This is the amount that our average customer spends on finance for their car each day!


was the amount the a petrol driver would have to spend to fill up their car. (based on a 60 litre tank)


was the additional amount a diesel driver would have to spend to fill up their car per when compared with their petrol counterparts. (based on a 60 litre tank)

Every 41 seconds

a new car was produced during the month of August. There was a total of 65,937 new cars registered in the UK during August according to stats from the SMMT.


was the most popular colour that our customers chose in August, Silver was the second and Blue come in third.


was the average amount a Creditplus customer wanted to put down as a deposit on a vehicle during August.

BMW 3 Series

was the most popular vehicle that customers applied for finance on. Ford Focus was second and Nissan Qashqai came in third.


of vehicles financed in August had manual gearboxes. That leaves 17.6% of cars purchased with an automatic gearbox.


was the average age of a Creditplus customer in August.

Great stats from around the web

The following stats are provided by money education charity – Credit Action


is the amount the average consumer borrows when you take into consideration all credit (including car finance) but excluding mortgages.

Every 5 minutes

someone in the UK will be declared insolvent or bankrupt.

The following stats are provided by the BBC.


is the amount the economy grew by in Q2 2013.


is the amount that house prices had increased by according to Nationwide Building Society (reported by the BBC).

The following stats are provided by The Guardian.


is the amount Deloitte was fined due to a conflict of interest that occurred when it advised MG Rover Group.

20 years

is the amount of time that one lucky homeowner didn't have to pay her electricity bills for. It is estimated she saved £10,000 during this period.

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