Image: New Lightweight E-Type Revealed

Another week draws to a close and as the weekend approaches, we thought we would bring together some of the best car videos of the week. From crazy motor racing manoeuvres, and fun new adverts, to Mario Kart 8. Take a look at our collection of the best vids.

Super Drifting

First up, we have the fantastic new BMW advert. 5 cars drifting around a city centre. Reminds me of the Red Arrows in motion, the routine is that good.

A City That Sings

Another great advert came from Toyota to promote their new Yaris. They took the streets of Prague and turned them into a jukebox. How? By hacking the GPS system to turn each road into a music cue. Watch the video and singalong.

Ferrari Drag Race

We’ve had a busy week over at the Google Plus page, and Tuesday was Ferrari day. One of the most popular videos was this drag race between two Ferrari Enzos. Identical cars in every way, surely this is the perfect test of driver skill. Only one question remains. Red or Black?

Need for Speed

Motorsport clip of the week comes from Indy 500 in America. One extraordinary mixture of driving skill and supreme luck took one driver past nine cars in one turn! Take a look at the clip yourself below.

A Touch of Class

Finally, we have the craziness of Mario Kart 8. The iconic video game has made a name for itself as crazy racing action. So how would you make the game more classy? How about putting some Mercedes-Benz cars into the game?

Those were the five best car videos of the week. Have we missed any? Share your videos with us and we’ll feature them next time. Join us this time next week for more of the best car videos on the web.

Bonus Gif

italian job drive thru

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