When it comes to cars in the UK, one of the most popular is the Ford Fiesta. Over the last fifteen years, the Fiesta has been amongst the bestselling cars year-on-year, regularly topping the charts for most purchased during the year. But it’s not just new cars, with Ford Fiesta’s proving to be extremely popular on the used car market.

What is it about this small hatchback that makes it so beloved by the British people? Outside and inside, from how it drives to how it feels, here’s our look at the Ford Fiesta.

How it looks

Over the last decade or so, cars have become a lot more uniform in appearance. Thanks to improvements in safety and aerodynamics, the best design for efficiency and protection has meant cars have lost their distinctiveness.

The Ford Fiesta has perhaps lost a lot as a result. Its curved front bonnet still has some of that Ford charm, as does the large air intake, but it’s a hatchback and looks a lot like most other popular hatchbacks on the market. That doesn’t make it ugly, but you’re not going to be buying a Fiesta for its distinctive exterior design.

How it drives

One of the key selling points of the Ford Fiesta is that it’s a good all-rounder. So while the engine won’t get your pulse racing too fast (unless you opt for one of the sportier engine choices), you’ll still have some enjoyment while driving.

The handling is responsive, making tackling corners easy around town. On the motorway, you’ll find it goes along at a good pace, but again choose a more powerful spec engine if performance is a priority. Otherwise, you’ll have an enjoyable drive, albeit one that’s more sedate than supercar.

What's it like inside?

The thing that makes the Ford Fiesta great is just how spacious it is inside, both in the front and in the back. Even if you’re a taller driver, you’ll find fitting behind the wheel a lot more comfortable than some other small hatchbacks. In the back, there’s enough space for two adults to be comfortable, making it even better for children. You’ll also find that the space in the boot is more than ample, for shopping bags or buggies. 

Aside from the space, the interior seats are comfy if not spectacular. You can always choose a higher end spec if you want an upgrade on the standard features, but for most the air con is more than enough to keep you at a temperature you like.

Is it economical?

The Ford Fiesta can be one of the cheapest hatchbacks to run, especially if you go for one of the EcoBoost engine options. In the petrol engines, you can get from 40 to 57mpg, with 54-65 mpg in the diesel version.

One of the best aspects of the Ford Fiesta is that it’s popularity means there are plenty of spare parts, with lots of garages having experience repairing the model. So if the worst does happen, you shouldn’t be waiting long for your car to be repaired.


The Ford Fiesta is an all-rounder. While that means it doesn’t excel in any one area, that doesn’t mean it falls short either. It’s a fun car to drive, has a spacious interior that will keep you and your passengers happy, and it’s not too expensive to run or repair. It’s a great car for anyone, but especially new drivers or small families.

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