Approaching Christmas, car sales in the UK tend to slow down as people begin saving for festive spending. The effects begin to be seen from November, meaning  October tends to be the most profitable month in the final quarter of the year. We take a look at some of the finance facts from this October.

We sourced these statistics from the UK government database (here), the society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (here) and from our own raw data.


is the average drop in petrol prices since September. (sourced here)


is the average cost to fill up a 60 litre tank petrol car in October.


is the average amount amount saved filling up a 60l fuel tank compared to last month.

Every 16.5 seconds

is how often a new car was registered in October. This is less than half as often as September 2013, but over twice as often as August 2013.


was the percentage by which annual registrations increased by in November


was the average vehicle deposit by a customer of Creditplus this October. This is £335.82 lower than in September.

Vauxhall Insignia

pushed the Vauxhall Astra off the top spot this month, which in turn dropped to 6th.


is the percentage of vehicles that we helped finance in October that had manual transmissions, up by 7% from last month, continuing a rising trend.


was the average age of our customers in October, down by 2 years from the last two months.

Great stats from around the web

The following stats are provided by SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders)


is the percentage of the UK motor industry market occupied by Ford in October, followed by Vauxhall at 12%

Ford Fiesta

was the bestselling car in the UK in October, but which was only our 5th most popular car for car finance at Creditplus.

Our stats come from a combination of raw data collected at Creditplus and from reliable third party sites. To see September’s Fun Finance Facts, click here.

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