With the UK motor industry continuing to report an uplift in sales it seems consumers are still keen to buy new vehicles. While we are now entering the final quarter of the year, which is traditionally slower for the motor industry, it is still interesting to see how the figures have changed from the previous month.


is spent each day on finance by our customers. This is £0.55 pence less than last month.


is the average cost in September to fill up a petrol car. (based on a 60 litre tank)


is the extra cost that a diesel driver would have to spend on a tank of fuel compared to petrol driver. (again based on a 60 litre tank)

Every 6.4 seconds

is how often a new car was registered in September! This was down from a car every 41 seconds in August. September saw the launch of the new registration plate which is the main reason for this huge increase in new car registrations. The total registration figure went from 65,937 in August to 403,136 in September.


was again the most popular colour that our customers chose for their cars in September (31.6%). In fact all of the top three colours stayed the same with Silver accounting for 21.3% and in third place, Blue cars were supplied 13.5% of the time.


was the average vehicle deposit by a Creditplus customer in September. This was £362.31 more than the the amount in August.

Vauxhall Astra

took the top spot for vehicles sold in September. The BMW 3 Series slipped to second place and BMW 1 Series took the third spot. It was clearly a good month for BMW taking two of the top three positions!


of cars that we helped customers to finance in August had manual gearboxes. Automatic gearboxes were chosen in 22% of cars, up by 4.4% from August.


was once again the average age of our finance customers in September.

Great stats from around the web

The following stats are provided by money education charity – The Money Charity


is the statutory maximum price of the MoT test for a car until 2015.

£1.21 trillion

is the amount the UK's net public debt currently stands at.

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