The 2013 Geneva Motor Show has been open for a couple of days and already we have some fantastic new cars to look forward to seeing on our roads. New models from Ferrari, Volkswagen and McLaren have graced the floor in Switzerland, but few cars have been as highly anticipated as Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports coupe. Forever delayed and speculated about for even longer, the Italian marque has now shown the full production-spec vehicle, and it’s truly a sight to behold. With a 1.75 litre turbo-charged engine hurtling the car from 0-62 MPH in 4.5 seconds, it’ll surely be a pleasure to drive, too.

To commemorate the car (finally) being shown off in a finished state, we’ve prepared a brief infographic with the specs you need to know. Keep in mind that these are based on what has been announced at Geneva for the “Launch Edition” car. Let’s hope the “Standard” car coming later might be a tad cheaper!

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