Winter is coming. This cold season, we will all be trying to get out and about more than usual, in an attempt to make up for the lost time spent in lockdown. That means we’ll be climbing behind the wheel of our cars and venturing out onto roads this winter. But is your car ready for the winter?

Over the year, it’s easy for your car to get into a condition not fit for the cold. Whether it’s the engine, the windows, or the interior itself, now is the time to prepare your motor for the coming chill. Here’s our quick guide to getting your car ready for the cold season.

The engine

One of the big problems with the colder months is your car freezing up. And while you may be okay with sitting and shivering inside your car as you wait for the heater to work, your car’s engine is not so forgiving.

At the start of the winter season, check your oil and water levels. Make sure that you water level hasn’t become too diluted with normal water, and that there’s a good level of anti-freeze in the vehicle. That way your engine won’t be freezing up thanks to the water turning to ice in the pipes.

Your car battery is also affected by the cold. You may want to take a look at the charge. If your car has been stuttering a bit when you start up, it could be a sign that the battery is losing its charge. So you’ll either want to look at replacing it, or make sure you have a charge pack or jumper cables inside your car.


You’ll want to ensure that you have some de-icer spray in your car and a good scraper. While you can use your credit card to get rid of the ice, having a proper scraper combined with a chemical that will quickly dissolve the ice much quicker.

As well as the windows, make sure your mirrors are clean and free from debris. You will also need to check your windscreen wipers are working and that the scraping rubber hasn’t become too worn down.


 Over the summer months, the filters inside the car’s air conditioning system can become clogged with dirt and debris. Not only does this affect the quality of their output, it can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers who can get a blast of pollen in their faces that had been hiding there since the summer. Clear out the filters and enjoy a much more efficient system.

Prepare for a breakdown

Cold weather means poorer conditions on the road, thus a bigger chance of an accident. So make sure your car is stocked with a few supplies that can help you our in an emergency. A portable phone charger can ensure you can call for help no matter if your battery is dead or not.

You may also want to pack some good blankets inside the car, as if you are off the road, you may want to save your battery. That means wrapping up warm with whatever’s available, so a good blanket can make a real difference.

Get your new car

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