Buying someone the perfect Christmas present can be one of the best feelings you can get during the festive period. Seeing their eyes light up as they unwrap their present or open their envelope, it’s something that we all hope to have this Christmas. But choosing the right present can be difficult. The good news is, we’re here to help. 

As experts on all things car-related, if the person you’re buying a gift for is a petrolhead, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top gift ideas for car lovers. 

Driving experience day

Every car lover has their dream motor. Something they fantasise about taking for a spin, normally a make and model far out of their price range. So what better way to surprise someone this Christmas than with a driving experience day inside their dream motor? 

There are a whole range of different types of experience day to suit all tastes. Fancy supercars? You can take a Lamborghini or a Mclaren for a spin. Loves a vintage motor? Then there’s a day with everything from Classic Minis to Jaguar E-types. You can even book an experience day inside a tank! 

A replica model of their car

If the car lover in your life is anything like us, then they spend most of their time thinking about their beloved set of wheels. So why not give them something to look at while their daydreaming? A replica model of their car can be perfect for someone’s mantelpiece or office desk. You can get a small toy model, or kits that you have to assemble yourself. And it doesn’t have to be their actual car. If you know which is their dream car, then that can be just as good an option! 

Motorsport tickets

Seeing the top motorsport races in action is something that any car lover can appreciate. No matter if they love Formula 1, MotoGP or one of the less famous events, watching on TV cannot compete with being right there on the track. The smell of the petrol and burning rubber, the sound of the engines roaring past, and the thrills as you see just how much the drivers push their vehicles, it’s a spectacle that will give anyone fond memories for life. 

Car cleaning kit

A bit of a change of pace with this one, but car lovers can be a special breed. Do you have one that checks your shoes before you enter the car, or does a condition check of the bodywork before and after every trip? Then they are the sort of car lover who is going to love a car cleaning kit.  

We’re not talking about the kind you buy at a supermarket or local garage (although this can make for an excellent back-up). We’re talking about the specialist cleaners you can find online that allow you to do professional quality detailing at home. You can even find ‘brew your own car cleaner’ kits that allow you to dabble in a bit of chemistry when making your cleaning fluids. If you don’t like cars, it might go over your head. But if you’re a car lover, it’s a surprisingly thoughtful gift. 

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