These days many of us are already thinking about Christmas by October, however Halloween can bring lots of fun and therefore shouldn’t be over looked. The UK is home to many fantastic, historic villages and buildings which are renowned for their mysterious on-goings and “ghostly activity”. Whether you are a believer in paranormal activity or not, these attractions are worth visiting for a Halloween day trip, plus – it’s a great way to tire the kids out before trick or treating!

1. Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle sits in ruins surrounded by beautiful woodland, just outside the village of Berry Pomeroy in South Devon, providing the setting for a terrific family day out. The Castle has a famous history dating back to the 15th century, containing various chilling tales which explain why the English Heritage guidebook has listed Berry Pomeroy Castle as one of the most haunted castles in Britain. The Castle is thought to be haunted by two ghosts, The White Lady and the Blue Lady. The Blue Lady, supposedly is the daughter of a Norman Lord who has been sighted wandering the dungeons, mourning the loss of her baby. According to the legend, she will cry for help at passers-by from the tower, only to push them to their death if they try to help. The White Lady is said to be the Spirit of Margaret Pomeroy, a poor maiden who was imprisoned within the dungeons by her jealous sister, Eleanor. To this day she is said to haunt the dungeons seeking revenge on her sister.

2. Wookey Hole Caves

The Wookey Hole Caves are situated in the village of Wookey close to Wells in Somerset. In total there are three chambers, formed from natural acid in the groundwater which - over many years, has slowly dissolved the rock. These caves have a fascinating history dating back to the Palaeolithic period, which includes a famous tale of "The Witch of Wookey Hole”.  Supposedly, the witch was in a cursed relationship with a monk, who is said to have turned the witch to stone inside the cave where she remains today in the form of a human shaped stalagmite.

3. Pluckley

Pluckley is a charming, sleepy village located in Kent, however, this unsuspecting settlement has been awarded the title of "The most haunted village in Britain", by the Guinness Book of Records. How could such a seemingly peaceful place have earned this label? Well there’s been numerous supposed sightings of ghosts including “The Red Lady” who died in the twelfth century and has been seen lurking in the churchyard of St Nicholas. Other sightings include a ghostly monk, a phantom highwayman, and a gypsy lady who died in mysterious circumstances...

4. Burley, The New Forest

The characterful village of Burley is set in the heart of the stunning New Forest.  It’s picturesque surroundings and vibrant community make it a popular tourist destination, yet this chocolate box village is home to a history of witchcraft. In the 1950s, Burley was home to Sybil The White Witch, who was often seen wondering around in a long black cloak with her pet jackdaw sitting on her shoulder. There is a gift shop in Burley named "A Coven of Witches" that was opened by Sybil herself, and the shop is still open and running today, selling various witchcraft related products.

5. Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail was built in 1779, operating for 150 years before closing in 1927. During this time the jail witnessed over 50 public hangings. The building has an impressive but grim presence and combined with the jail’s dark history, it’s not surprising that there have been claims of “ghost-sightings”.  You can take a guided tour around the cells and learn the fascinating history of the prisoners who lived and died there. If you are looking for a scarier experience, you can even go on a night-time visit!


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