Valentine’s Day, an annual celebration of love and an excuse to shower that special someone with gifts and indulge in fancy chocolates.

And on this day courting couples across the UK dedicate the night to their other half, whether that be a cosy night in or an evening of lavish wining and dining. But despite the sentimental view that it is in fact the thought that counts, people can be excused for wanting to pull out all the stops to create the perfect romantic gesture.

And if you plan to whisk your loved one off their feet in style, it helps to have a suitable motor to do so. So here at Creditplus we have decided to take a look at some of the most romantic rides, sure to set the scene and help woo your better half.

Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible


First on our list of romantic cars is this sporty and seductive Jaguar, which is sure to make a statement. Sleek and stylish, this powerful Jag carries and air of sophistication, making it perfect to pick up your loved one for an evening of fine dining. And on a clear, crisp night (if there is such thing in February), the convertible roof gives you the option to do some midnight  star gazing.

Range Rover Evoque


This bold crossover is another statement car, sure to impress your Valentine’s date. It’s spacious and luxury interior makes for an extremely comfortable drive, giving you and your date the opportunity to relax and potentially shake off any first date nerves.

Ferrari 458 Spider


The colour red is synonymous with love and passion, as well as the next car on our list; the Ferrari. This iconic brand screams passion and excitement, its two-seat drive allowing for the perfect excuse to ditch the ‘third wheels’ and spend some quality time together.

Jaguar E-TYPE


Yes, another Jaguar has made its way into our list of romantic cars. But how can you ignore the classically beautiful shape and charisma that the E-TYPE embodies? Picture it now, cruising down a country road or alongside the coast in this elegant classic, as it glides under the starry skies. Romantic, right?

VW Campervan


This quirky motor stands out from the rest of the line-up, not fitting in with the conventional luxury and prestige that the other cars carry. But the VW Campervan is full of character and its iconic look makes it easily stand out from the crowd. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a road trip in one of these colourful campervans, fully kitted out with all the Valentines essentials?

Volkswagen Beetle


Another quirky car on our list is the Volkswagen Beetle, another classic which can be described as ‘cutely romantic’. Although not the fastest/most expensive/luxurious out of the bunch, this plucky little motor manages to make up for that with character.

Set the scene

Whilst it’s not all about the materialistic and extravagant gifts, it is always nice to be able to show your appreciation for that special someone in your life on Valentine’s Day. Although, the chances are that you don’t have one of these romantic motors at your disposal on the big day, you can still create a romantic atmosphere for you and your other half.

Whether it’s an evening at the cinema, a candle lit dinner in town or a simple road trip to watch the sunset, here at Creditplus we have created the perfect Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist for you to play to help you set the scene in your Valentine’s ride.


Want a more romantic ride?

If this list of romantic vehicles has inspired you to search for a new car, perhaps with some extra va va vroom, then check out our extensive car search and see what Creditplus has to offer.

Get in touch today on 0800 1777 290 or apply by completing our simple, 2-minute application form and one of our expert Customer Advisors will be on hand to find the best car and finance deal for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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