The global pandemic has had an impact on everyone. The way we dine out, go to the shops, even meet with our friends and family, it’s all had to change. It seems we have to spend the next few months at least 2 meters apart. But how does that affect car buying?

While you may not have been out and about as much during the lockdown, chances are you’ll be using your car more than ever this summer. Whether it’s for a staycation somewhere or to make the most of your freedom as lockdown eases, you might have been thinking about changing your car. The good news you can still do that, and do it safely. The answer is contactless deliveries.

How does it work?

When you buy a car online and arrange to have it delivered, you want to ensure that it comes clean, no matter if there’s a lockdown or not. But the pandemic means there needs to be another level of preparation. Contactless deliveries means your car is delivered to you without having had another driver or passenger inside the car from the time it was prepared.

Here at Creditplus, we have several steps that we take to ensure that the car is clean, sterile and ready for you to drive from the moment it’s delivered.

How the car is prepared

To ensure the air inside the car is clear of any possible contamination from workers on the vehicle, air purifiers are used to clean the cabin. They circulate the air and filter out any germs or bacteria that are in the air, as well as dust and pollen – ideal for hayfever sufferers.

Next, the car is given a thorough wipe down. All hand surfaces, from door handles to dashboard controls are given a thorough clean to remove any possible traces of contamination, even in between the buttons. Alcohol-based antibacterial wipes ensure that all types of contamination are cleaned.

Throughout the preparation process, extra care is taken to ensure there’s no possible contamination from those working on it. So once the car has been cleaned from its previous owner, it won’t become contaminated again.

How the car is delivered

At Creditplus, our delivery drivers have been given extra training to ensure that they are aware of social distancing guidelines and know how to safely transport the vehicle without breaking any rules. Using Public Health England guidelines, each driver has been given specific guidance on what they can and can’t do. This includes during the delivery journey itself, and whether they have to stop for petrol or comfort breaks along the way.

We’ve also provided our drivers with suitable PPE, in particular gloves and masks, so that when they hand over the keys and paperwork, there is no chance of further contamination. They have been made aware of all the restrictions, so will exchange the documentation in as safe way as possible.

What you need to do

We know you’re going to be excited about you new car. But it’s important that you follow the delivery driver’s guidance during this time. That way they can handle the car over to you safely and securely, giving you peace of mind so you know your new car is ready to go.

Prepare the driveway, new car incoming!


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