There are few things that can ruin your day as quickly as a parking ticket. Whether you’ve overstayed your paid for parking by a few minutes, or were taking a risk with the time in a free parking zone, seeing that sticker attached to your windshield will make your heart sink.

But are you sure that the parking ticket has been issued correctly? Do you feel like you have a genuine reason why you overstayed your parking time that could act as mitigating circumstances? Here’s our quick guide to tell you how to appeal a parking ticket.

Don’t argue with a traffic warden

If you arrive in time to see the traffic warden placing the ticket on your car, try not to get angry with them. They are just doing their job and there is no malice in their actions, despite how frustrating and potentially expensive it could be.

Speak to them and let them know it’s your car. If the ticket hasn’t been processed, then they may be able to cancel the ticket. But berating them and abusing them is not the way to proceed.


Gather as much evidence as possible

Take photos of your car, where it’s parked and the local signage if any. Do this from your position in the car and next to the ticket machine. You should also keep any receipts for any local shops that you’ve used, especially if the car park belongs to one of the businesses you have visited. You will need as much information as possible when you write your appeal. Take photos too and make sure you use the timestamps feature if possible.

Write politely and formally

Read the details on the ticket. There should be information written there that details the appeal process. Whether it’s a form online or an email address you need to write to, give yourself a good amount of time to put down clearly what you want to say.

If you think there’s been a mistake, then you should explain in detail what that mistake is. If you want to explain your situation, don’t just ask and hope, use the evidence you captured to back up your appeal.


Look online for help

There are a lot of consumer experts online who specialise in dealing with parking tickets. Whether it’s a public car park or private, search for the name of the provider and you are certain to find lots of forums, blogs and facebook groups where tips and tricks are shared. That can include template letters, what information you need to include, and even legal advice if you decide to take your appeal to court.

Just make sure you do lots of reading before you commit to anything. Don’t just assume you can appeal and get the ticket forgiven, but don’t also assume that you’ll definitely be rejected. Research online and you’ll find advice on what’s the best route to take.

And watch how the experts do it

If you want to see how the experts do things, then you should check out this clip by comedian Joe Lycett. Someone who is a champion of consumer rights, this video detailing how he appealed a parking ticket given to him.


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