If you’re looking to save a few extra pounds this summer, then one of the best ways is to cut down on your fuel costs. Having and running a car can be one of the biggest outgoings in your monthly budget. The good news is that there are a few ways you can cut down on your fuel costs and get mileage for your money this summer. Here are our top tips on how to get more miles to the gallon this summer.

Lighten the load

One of the biggest things that burns fuel is the weight of the car. Think about it. The heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it’s going to burn getting it moving. Do you carry around a lot of sports equipment or family gear that you don’t need on every trip? Conduct a quick inventory of your car and see what you can take out.

Another way to reduce weight is to remove any unused roof racks or bike racks. Not only will this lighten the strain on your car’s engine, but it will also make your car more aerodynamic. Reducing drag means your car doesn’t have to work so hard to get going.

Service your car


Is your car running as efficiently as it could be? Your car’s engine will become dirty over time, making it less efficient. So you’ll be burning more fuel than you should. A good service of your car will help clean out some of the grime and grit that builds up over the years.

You should also have your tyres checked. Having them at the right pressure means the car isn’t working as hard to accelerate or brake. This will save fuel and you can even add air to your tyres for free at many petrol stations.

Find the cheapest pump near you

We often choose convenience over cost, going somewhere local or quiet instead of somewhere busier and further away. But when it comes to petrol, it’s worth looking at the pumps in your area and finding which ones charge the least. Supermarket petrol stations are normally your best bet, but some others have promotional days where fuel is cheaper. Keep an eye out and speak with friends and family to find out where they go.

Plan your journeys


A bit of planning in advance can save you wasting fuel. Whether it’s finding the quickest route, knowing how to avoid notorious traffic hotspots or roadworks, or simply knowing where the perfect place to park is in advance, preparing your travel in advance will save you on wasted fuel in traffic jams and searching for space.

Cut down on unnecessary trips

Not using your car at all is obviously the best way to save money on fuel. But we know that’s not always realistic. If there are trips you know you could either walk or even avoid completely, that will leave more fuel in your tank and more money in your pocket. And don’t be afraid to carshare with someone else, splitting the cost 50/50!

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