Behind the scenes, Creditplus have a fantastic Digital team made up of IT wizards, graphic design queens and marketing geniuses. We asked Romilly, our PR Executive a few questions about what its like to work at Creditplus, and here is what they had to say… 

Q. Tell me about yourself, what department do you work in?

Romilly: Hi! I’m Romilly and I’m a PR Executive in the Digital team. In my day to day at work I outreach to journalists to earn coverage and links, come up with creative campaign ideas and write content for releases and web pages.  

Q. How long have you worked at Creditplus?

Romilly: Just under 5 months. I joined Creditplus straight after university and the experience has been great. Being able to be a part of a motivating and super supportive team is amazing.

Q. What is your favourite thing about working at Creditplus?

Romilly: My favourite thing about working at Creditplus is my team. We all get along well so it’s easy to work together and we’re able to create fantastic work.  

What keeps you motivated to get your job done?

Romilly: I love writing and being able to land coverage in leading publications really motivates me. Seeing what I've written in/on publications is really fulfilling.  

Q. Describe Creditplus in 3 words...

Romilly: Friendly, accommodating and innovative  

Lastly, what car would you love to be in the driving seat of?

Romilly: A Ferrari Portofino M in Yellow or a Mercedes AMG GT 

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